The following five photos were taken by Daniel year 6/7 student at Padbury Primary. Daniel was extremely diligent about being photographer for the day. I think his work deserves a good showing on my site...........Thankyou Daniel....... from Mr.Mac

padbury4tn.jpg (19315 bytes)              A Christmas Poem ........

padbury3tn.jpg (20101 bytes)               The Christmas story retold from the point of veiw of the inn keeper   Padbury Primary 21/11/01

padbury2tn.jpg (16662 bytes)             The Peace Song....."There's a way that we can shine.......Words to learn for a lifetime"   21/11/01

padbury5tn.jpg (19029 bytes)           

Padbury1tn.jpg (19103 bytes)

Nth Mer 4 s.jpg (9050 bytes)                  Here's looking at you kid  5/6/01

Nth Mer 3 s.jpg (9805 bytes)        Big ATTITUDE at North Merredin 5/6/01

Nth Mer 2 s.jpg (11366 bytes)        The Mighty Massage............ Students travel the wonder road 5/6/01

Nth Mer s.jpg (9820 bytes)         North Merredin Primary 5/6/01 .......Teachers and students in participation.Yes!

Thornlie3 s.jpg (11639 bytes)                    Follow on at Thornlie Primary 31/5/01

Thornlie 4 s.jpg (7061 bytes)                     Mr Kennedy &  Year Seven ...Thornlie Primary 31/5/01

Thornlie1 s.jpg (10585 bytes)                    Follow on at Thornlie Primary 31/5/01

choir Whitfords CPS s.jpg (6976 bytes)                     Choir at Whitfords CPS sing "Australia's Prime Ministers" special Federation assembly 11/5/01

Dumbleyung3 s.jpg (7202 bytes)                     Dumbleyung Primary School Library 8/5/01

Dumbleyung s.jpg (3961 bytes)                    "I feel self confident, self motivated." Dumbleyung Primary 8/5/01

Tamb1 s.jpg (7098 bytes)                  The "Mighty Massage Song" Tambellup Primary 9/5/01

Tamb s.jpg (6365 bytes)                  And it goes like this.... Tambellup Primary 9/5/01

Gnowangerup5 s.jpg (6691 bytes)                  Mighty stimulating....... Gnowangerup Primary 9/5/01

Gnowangerup2.jpg (6279 bytes)                     One of the twins gives rendition of "The Barnball Farm" Gnowangerup Primary 9/5/01

Gnowangerup4s.jpg (33711 bytes)                      Gnowangerup Primary 9/5/01 Teachers and students "reaching out for happiness"

Northman s.jpg (34577 bytes)                 Hello North Mandurah Primary

Whitfords2.jpg (9827 bytes)                  Whitfords Catholic Primary School kids

teachers2.jpg (9664 bytes)                 Teachers at Whitfords Catholic Primary School

 gg1 2.gif (3342 bytes)                    Gingin District Highschool                           

gg2 2.gif (3491 bytes)                      Gingin....... Parents have fun

 Greatin98 2.gif (4806 bytes)                 They were great in 98   Nollamara Primary School                  

Nollamara 2.gif (5467 bytes)                Friendly staff parents and students at NPS

Tammin2.gif (6714 bytes)                  Tammin Primary School

 Billie&I 2.gif (3081 bytes)                    Billie Court & I               Billie sings the" Peace Song" on the       Thinking Learning Classroom

Henrik&Johan2.gif (6138 bytes)              Johan & Henrick recording "Many Lands of Smart''                

 Nats2.gif (12877 bytes)                 Natalie sings "Pensee Magique" New french version of "Magic Brain" as yet to be released

Walt3.gif (5768 bytes)              Disney Land

 Nashville2.gif (7045 bytes)            A cold day in Nashville         Keith, Lindy, Rocky Rash & Glenn            Hank Williams barn 

 Glenn & I3.gif (5387 bytes)                  Glenn's Keynote          International Alliance for Learning   San Diego

 Garth__I 2.gif (5385 bytes)                With Garth Brooks        Channel 7 studios 

catcrew.jpg (6169 bytes)            With Fat Cat, Keith Geary & Sharon Dale 1980something

catcrew2s.jpg (10843 bytes)                   With Fat Cat Keith Geary & Gabriel Hammond

Funtime1 s.jpg (5043 bytes)                        Keith Geary Fat Cat & Midar group 1980 something

Funtime2 s.jpg (5288 bytes)                        Alison Carrol Fat Cat & Midar group same day

Earlybirds s.jpg (9844 bytes)                  Early one morning end of show with crew A very rare shot indeed