William Farber and Jara Krivanek

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Publishers of specialist books on kite-making, fabric design, and drug education issues.

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This web site is constantly being expanded and upgraded. Please visit us frequently for the latest information and news. (22 April 2008)

** Meet William at the Cervia Kite Festival (Italy) 25 April- 4 May 2008. Or meet him at the Brie Comte Robert Festival (France) 10-11 May 2008. He will have copies of the new book with him.


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**Our newest book on designing and building Translucent Applique kites and decorative fabric panels on ripstop nylon is now available from us .

We also design, build and display kites at kite festivals in many countries.


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Reviewers comment that it is a very complete book on the subject and almost guarantees success.

Painting with Light and Air:

Applique Designs on Translucent Fabric

William Farber & Jara Krivanek