William Farber and Jara Krivanek.

All aspects of designing and building kites and decorative hangings using translucent applique are covered here by a team with over 20 years of experience in design, kite-building and applique.

Format is A4 (8x11 1/2in) full-colour, heavy stock glazed covers, perfect bound, 100gsm quality paper and all colour plates are printed on photographic quality paper.


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Chapters include:
* principles of design
* development and assembly of applique panels in ripstop nylon
* sewing technology and techniques
* tools and tips from years of experience developing and rescuing problems
* step by step design and stitching of a translucent applique panel
* the building of two different kites, a rokkaku and a WEFPanel.

A number of novel concepts are introduced, including’‘colour layering’, the use of light to create new colours, and ‘continuous linear stitching’, an especially effective way of sewing complex patterns. Photographs and drawings illustrate many of the examples. Building your own tools is covered in the Appendices along with how to sharpen your own scissors.

The full-colour Gallery features full-page photographs of over 20 kites they have designed, built and displayed in many countries. Altogether, this is a colourful, informative, practical and very complete work on translucent applique art.

Applique Designs on Translucent Fabric.

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