Amelia Langley and her Children



Amelia LANGLEY was the daughter of convict parents David LANGLEY and Phillis SKINNER. She was born in Hobart, Tasmania on the 2 September 1837.


I felt that Amelia Langley and her children deserved a page of their own, as they seemed to have led very interesting lives, moving around a lot, not to mention the various partners and husbands that they had.  It seemed to be traditional for them to have at least two husbands, if not more!!. 


Amelia married Richard PINNUCK when she was just 13 years old, and by the time she was 17 years old, she had two daughters (that I know of) and had left Van Diemen's Land sometime between the births of Frances Amelia in 1852 in Hobart, VDL and Elizabeth in 1855 in Avoca, Victoria. 


Amelia returned to VDL on the Empire on 11 May 1856, presumably she had her children with her.


Richard Pinnuck had previously left VDL for Melbourne, Victoria on board the Adventure, departing on the 23 March 1852.  On Elizabeth's birth certificate in 1855, Richard is listed as a 'Gold Digger'.


Richard was admitted to the Heidelberg Hospital on the 24th April 1894 aged 69 years.  Records show he was born in England, was a Miner, was Single, and his residence was at Beaufort.  His death entry is listed as PENNOCK, Richard, Aged 70 years, Father: William, Mother: Elizabeth, Place of death: H'Berg Hospital.


Amelia next appears in White Hills, Victoria, where she gave birth to her children Adelaide PORTER on the 23 September 1859, James PORTER born in 1863, and Alice PORTER born in Majorca, Victoria in 1868.  The father of these children was James PORTER who was born circa 1830 in Preston, England.  He was also a convict, and was transported to VDL on the Elphinstone, the same ship that Richard Pinnuck was transported to VDL on, and as Amelia was involved with both these men, I am convinced that Richard Pinnuck and James Porter knew each other.


James Porter died in Ballarat, Victoria in 1868, aged 46 years.  He was a miner.


At Carisbrook, Victoria, on the 22 December 1871 Amelia married William WATSON, who was born in 1829 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England.  William was the son of Edward Watson and Sarah RODGERS.  He died on the 9 May 1904 in South Melbourne, Victoria.


Amelia died on the 8 April 1890 at Williamtown, Victoria, and is interred in the Williamtown Cemetery with William.


Frances Amelia PINNOCK





At the age of 15 years Frances Amelia married Henry George ROBERTS at Ararat, Victoria on 20 August 1867.  Permission for Frances to marry was given by James Daly Esquire, Guardian of the Minor.  As Frances was listed as a 'Domestic Servant' on her marriage certificate, I would say that James Daly was her employee.  Frances was living at Yarra -y-Porra at the time of her marriage.  At this time her mother would have been living in Majorca, Victoria.  Henry George Roberts was 28 years old.









Frances and Henry had 11 children:


Amelia born 08 December 1868 at Ararat.

George Basell born 21 February 1871 at Ararat.

Eda Elizabeth born 21 October 1873 at Carisbrook.

Richard Pinnock born 21 January 1876 at Tourello.  Richard died aged 3 weeks old.

William Henry born 07 July 1881 at Glenthompson.

Eveline Pearl born 12 April 1884 at Glenthompson.

Esther Maude born 15 March 1887 at Clunes.

Frederick Richard born 25 April 1890 at Clunes.

Frances Florence May born 27 May 1892 at  Clunes.

Arthur James born 21 January 1894 at Clunes.

Lilian Ethel Pinnock born 16 November 1895 at Clunes.


Entry taken from Vic Rail Records:


ROBERTS, Frances Amelia                 A6153

Date Appointed:                                  15 February 1875

Grade:                                                 Gatekeeper

Branch:                                                Engineers

Location:                                              Northern

Source:                                                 R 84


Elizabeth PINNOCK


On the 22 February 1872 at Maryborough, Victoria,  Elizabeth married Frederick HOWLISTON.  She was 17 years old, and he was a 37 year old miner.  Permission for Elizabeth to marry was given by her mother.  Witnesses at the marriage were John Giles and Frances Amelia Roberts.


Elizabeth and Frederick Howliston had the following children:


Sarah born 1873 at Craigie

Adelaide born 1874 at Craigie, died 1899 at Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, England

Elizabeth born 1877 at Carisbrook

Margaret born 1880 at Carisbrook

Ethel May born 1882 at Maryborough

Charlotte born 1884 at St Arnaud, died 1889 age 4 at Wangaratta

Alice Maud born 1887 at St Arnaud

Frederick John born 1889 at Wangaratta


Frederick Howliston died in 1890 at Wangaratta, Victoria.


Elizabeth then married Hamlet Hyalmar Alfonzo Latoria PETERSEN at Avoca, Victoria in 1893.  Their children were:  Herbert Alfred 1893, Elsey Louisa 1895, and Florence Evelyne 1898 - all born at Wangaratta.  Florence Evelyne died 1899 aged 1 year at Wangaratta.


Elizabeth died in 1912 at Wangaratta.  I have not yet located the death date or place of Hamlet.


Many Times Married


Of the women among my ancestors, particularly in the mid to late 1800's, most had at least two husbands.  Most of their first husbands deaths I have been unable to find, which in itself is interesting. What happened to these men?  It appeared that their wives took up with other men at the drop of a hat!!  I think a lot of people should not condemn those of today, unless they have looked back in their own family trees!!


One particular woman attached to my family tree, not by marriage, but by a partnership, was Editha Annie McPHERSON.   Editha had quite a few people listed as her children, when in fact they were not.  Whether these people thought Editha was their mother or not, I don't know, but she seemed to collect and raise a number of other people's children. Editha's connection to my family is a strange one, as she never married into the family, but was associated by appearing to be the mother of my great great grandfather, Henry George Roberts.  See more on Editha on the Roberts and McPherson pages.


I have since discovered that all my ancestors who became entangled in some strange relationships in Victoria, had previously lived in Tasmania.  Most of whom were convicts.  Visit my Convict Connections pages to learn more about the loves and lives of my convict ancestors and their families.


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