Coultas Family


Robert COULTIS (sic) married Jane VICKERMAN in Bridlington, Yorkshire on the 23rd November 1778.  Robert and Jane's known children are:


1.  Robert Coultas born 1779 at North Burton, Yorkshire

2.  Ann Coultas born 1782 at North Burton, Yorkshire

3.  Jane Coultas born 1785 at North Burton, Yorkshire

4.  Richard Coultas born 1790 at North Burton, Yorkshire

5.  Isabella Coultas born 30 September 1792 at North Burton, Yorkshire

6.  Vickerman Coultas born 1796 at Thwing, Yorkshire

7.  George Coultas born 1799 at Thwing, Yorkshire


1.  Robert Coultas married Jane Putsey on the 11th October 1809 at Ganton, Yorkshire.  Robert and Jane's known children were all born at Thwing, Yorkshire:


       Richard Coultas, 1811

       Bessy Coultas1812

       Mary Coultas1814

       Ruth Coultas1816

       Robert Coultas1818

       Tamar Coultas 1822


2.  Ann Coultas - no further information.


3.  Jane Coultas married Richard Webster on the 12 October 1807at Thwing, Yorkshire.  Richard and Jane's known child is:

Theresa Webster born 1819 at Thwing, Yorkshire.


4.  Richard Coultas - no further information.


5.  Isabella Coultas married William WELLS.  See Wells family page for more information.


6.  Vickerman Coultas married Mary Gray on the 22 October 1821 at North Burton, Yorkshire.  Vickerman and Mary's known children born Thwing, Yorkshire:


       Ellen Jane Coultas 1822

       Robert Coultas 1823

       John Gray Coultas 1826

       George Coultas 1828

       James Coultas 1830

       Vickerman Coultas 1831

       Mary Ellen Coultas cir 1833 at Wold Newton, Yorkshire


7.  George Coultas - no further information.


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