David Langley

born 3 June 1839

Hobart, Van Diemen's Land, Australia



                                   to Phillis Skinner



David Langley was the son of convict parents, David Langley/Ottolangui and Phillis Skinner.  He was born in Hobart, and was christened on the 18 May 1840 at St Johns at Newtown, Hobart.  Not much is known of David's life when he was growing up, or who raised him, although it is known he knew about his father being in California and having a new family, as David is mentioned in records in relation to his father's death in San Francisco in 1882.  Perhaps his father did take him to San Francisco, and later David returned to Australia to work and visit his mother and siblings.


On 16 July 1868, David married Caroline CARROLL nee BIBBY at the Court House, Bowen, Queensland.  At the time of his marriage, David was a bachelor, a 31 year old bullock driver.  His parents are listed as David Langley and Phillis Kinner.  David had had some education as he signed his name on the certificate.  David's father had been a teamster in San Francisco before taking up his usual trade of stone mason, and it can only be assumed that David learned his bullock driving skills from his father.


David and Caroline did not have children, although David did have stepchildren, Emma Carroll, Henry Andrew Carroll, Eliza Carroll and Margaret Carroll, Caroline's children to her marriage to Thomas Carroll.


Caroline died on 25 September 1876 in Queensland.  


Between 1908 and 1925 David is a labourer living in Richmond, Queensland.


David Langley died aged 88 years on the 29 November 1927 at the Dunwich Benevolent Asylum, Dunwich, Queensland.  It lists his parents as David Langley, stone mason and Phillis Kinner.  Cause of death was senile decay.  The informants on his death certificate were Frederick Challands, Acting Medical Superintendant, Dunwich and H. A. Carroll, stepson of Walker Street, Townsville.





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