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John DEWEY was born circa 1815 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.  John married Elizabeth ABRAHAM on the 30th October 1836 at St Edmunds, Salisbury.  Elizabeth Abraham was born circa 1815 in Salisbury.  She died in 1872 at Salisbury.  Their children were:


John DEWEY bn circa 1838, Salisbury

William DEWEY bn 27 April 1839, Stratford, Wiltshire

Emma DEWEY bn 1848, Salisbury

Charles Henry DEWEY bn 1853, Salisbury

Elizabeth DEWEY bn 18 June 1857, Salisbury



1841 Census - End Hess Street, St Edmunds, New Sarum, Wiltshire:

John Dewey Head Marr   25  Labourer                    Wiltshire                 
Elizabeth Dewey            Wife Marr   25   Wiltshire
John Dewey Son       4   Wiltshire
William Dewey Son       2   Wiltshire



1851 Census - Scotts Lane, Salisbury St Edmunds, Wiltshire:

John Dewey Head Marr   37  Labourer Salisbury, Wiltshire
Elizabeth Dewey            Wife Marr   37  Labourer's Wife          Salisbury, Wiltshire
John Dewey Son     13  Errand Boy Salisbury, Wiltshire
William Dewey Son     11  Errand Boy Salisbury, Wiltshire
Emma Dewey Dau       3  At Home Salisbury, Wiltshire



1861 Census - Rollestone, Salisbury, Wiltshire:

John Dewey Head Marr   46  Labourer Salisbury, Wiltshire
Elizabeth Dewey            Wife Marr   46   Salisbury, Wiltshire
John Dewey Son Unm   23  Labourer Salisbury, Wiltshire
Emma Dewey Dau     13  Outdoor Servant         Salisbury, Wiltshire
Eliza Dewey Niece     13  Outdoor Servant Salisbury, Wiltshire
Charles H Dewey Son       7  Scholar Salisbury, Wiltshire
Elizabeth Dewey Dau       4  Scholar Salisbury, Wiltshire


William DEWEY born 1839 in Stratford, married Louisa Hannah PINNOCK nee GREEN in 1865.

William and Louisa had the following children:


Maria Harriet born 1866, Finchley, Middlesex, England - Married Arthur George BRIDGES

Margaret Anne born 1867, Finchley, Middlesex, England

Henry Edward born 1870, Finchley, Middlesex, England.



1871 Census - Prospect Place, Finchley, Middlesex

William Dewey Head Marr   32  Agricultural Labourer Stradford, Wiltshire
Louisa Dewey Wife Marr   38   Finchley, Middlesex
Emma Pinnock StepDau Unm   19  Servant - Domestic Finchley, Middlesex
Susan Pinnock StepDau     13   Finchley, Middlesex
Louisa Pinnock StepDau     11  Scholar Finchley, Middlesex
Maria Dewey Dau       5  Scholar Finchley, Middlesex
Margaret Dewey            Dau       3   Finchley, Middlesex
Edward Dewey Son       9 mths   Finchley, Middlesex


By 1881 William Dewey had died, as Louisa is on the 1881 census as a Widow.


1881 Census - No 5 Manor Cottages, (Long Lane), Finchley, Middlesex:

Louisa Hannah Dewey   Head Widow   51  Laundress                            Finchley, Middlesex
Emma Etches Pinnock Dau Unm   28  Laundress Finchley, Middlesex
Maria Harriett Dewey Dau     14   Finchley, Middlesex
Margaret Ann Dewey Dau     13  Scholar Finchley, Middlesex
Edward Henry Dewey Son     10  Scholar Finchley, Middlesex


Louisa Hannah Dewey died aged 67 years in 1896 in Finchley, Middlesex.


Margaret Ann Dewey married Sydney Wallace JONES in 1895 in Finchley, Middlesex.  Sydney was born in Camberwell, London, England.  Margaret and Sydney had the following child:


Katherine JONES born 1896 in Camberwell, London, England.


Henry Edward Dewey married Sarah TOFIELD in Kensington in 1893.  Sarah was also born in Finchley, Middlesex.


Henry and Sarah had the following children:


Olive Mary born 1893 in Finchley, Middlesex, England

Henry Arthur born 1897 in Finchley, Middlesex, England

Annie born 1901 in Finchley, Middlesex, England.


1901 Census - 2 Grove Villas, Finchley, Middlesex:

Henry E Dewey Head Marr   28  Gardener & Florist             Finchley, Middlesex
Sarah Dewey Wife Marr   27   Finchley, Middlesex
Olive M Dewey Dau       7   Finchley, Middlesex
Henry A Dewey Son       4   Finchley, Middlesex
Annie Dewey Dau       4 mths   Finchley, Middlesex
Daniel Tofield Boarder Unm   33  House Painter Finchley, Middlesex
Henry Hall Boarder Widower   66  General Labourer Dunstable,  Bedfordshire
Thomas R Tofield Visitor     11   Finchley, Middlesex
Frederick W Tofield              Visitor     11   Finchley, Middlesex


Olive Mary Dewey married [1] William Anthony YOUNG in 1914 in Finchley, Middlesex.


Olive and William had the following children:


Dorothy E Young born 1915, Finchley, Middlesex

Olive Mary Young born 1916, Finchley, Middlesex

William Anthony Young born 1917, Finchley, Middlesex - died 1942 El Alamein WW2

Frank R Young born 1918, Finchley, Middlesex

Joyce O Young born 1920, Finchley, Middlesex

Leslie A Young born 1921, Finchley, Middlesex

Plus three other children born in Western Australia, may still be living.


Olive Mary married Edward Joseph RYAN in 1933 at Fremantle, Western Australia.  They had two children.  Olive [known as Babs] died in 1936 in Perth, WA.


Olive Mary YOUNG nee DEWEY married [2] James McKenzie McEWAN in 1944 in Boulder, Western Australia.  James and Olive did not have children.


James McKenzie McEWAN was my grandfather.



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