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George BASELL - Convict Number 3870.

George was the son of George Basell and Rebecca LAMMON.  George was born in Bethnal Green, London circa 1808.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, Ref: t18290409-140

GEORGE BASELL, EDWARD EADES, theft : pick pocketing, 9th April, 1829.

819. GEORGE BASELL and EDWARD EADES were indicted for stealing, on the 15th of February, 60 penny-pieces, and 120 halfpence, the monies of William Lansdown, from his person .

WILLIAM LANSDOWN . I am a tobacco-pipe-maker, and live in Essex-street, Hoxton. I had been round to my customers on the 14th of February; I happened to stop in company, and was returning home at two o'clock in the morning - I had been drinking, but was not drunk; I could walk very well - I had a quantity of copper money in my coat pocket, which I had taken for my pipes; I was at the end of Norton-Falgate, going up Shoreditch - I saw the two prisoners in company together behind me for five hundred yards; at last Basell came up on my left side - the other was rather hanging behind me, on my right; Basell spoke to me, and walked with me for about one hundred yards - I do not recollect what he said; I did not speak to him; when we got to the corner of Church-street, just under the gas-light, he snatched my pocket away - he tore it right out from the inside of my coat; Basell was close by me, I collared him, and said, "I have got one of the two;" I held him till the watchman came up, who I called immediately; I told the watchman he had not got the money, but a boy had it who had run off; he said should I know that boy again; I said Yes; I went to the watch-house and gave Basell in charge, and a description of the other boy - and on the next evening (Monday) I saw Eades at the watch-house, and knew him to be the same boy; I said, "My God! that is the boy;" I gave his description as a pale-faced boy, with a fustian jacket and a cap on.

Cross-examined by MR. CRESWELL. Q. How much had you drank? A. I cannot tell - I was not very drunk; I did not tell the watch-house-keeper that I had lost 5s., nor that I did not know how much I had lost; I did not hear the prisoners speak to each other, but they were walking close together.

WILLIAM BELLNAP . I am a watchman. I heard the prosecutor call Watch! he gave charge of Basell, whom I took to the watch-house; he was sober enough to give me charge - he said Basell had not the money, but a boy with a fustian jacket had it, and described Eades to the officer likewise.

Cross-examined. Q. Did he not go very quietly with you? A. Yes he did.

JOHN ROBINSON . I am an officer. I saw the prosecutor when he came to the watch-house, he appeared to have his faculties very perfect - he described the boy who ran away with his pocket in every respect; I gave the same description to Fryer, the Bow-street officer, who went and took Eades; when the prosecutor saw him, he put his hands together, and said, "My God! that is the boy."

Prisoner BASELL. Q. Did he not state he had a 5s. paper of halfpence? A. He said he had two 5s. papers of halfpence, and some more money, but he did not know exactly how much.

JOSEPH FRYER . I am an officer. From the description I received, I took Eades; when the prosecutor saw him, he said directly "That is the boy."

JOHN HARRIS.  I am a watch-house-keeper. I heard the description he gave, and he identified Eades the next day.

EADES' Defence. I was at home and in bed at the time it was done; I did not go out till Monday morning, for some work for my mother.

JANE JENKINS . My husband is a journeyman bootmaker. I lodge in the same house with Eades and his mother - she lodges in the one pair front room, No. 8, Club-row, not far from Norton-Falgate; I am very intimate with them - I know Eades was at home the night the robbery was committed; I was in his mother's room at half past eleven o'clock that Saturday night, and fastened the door after all; he lives at home with his mother - I do not know Basell, nor did I hear of the robbery till Monday afternoon, when Eades' mother told me he was taken - she did not say he was at home in bed, nor did I, but I know it; I am not the landlady, but generally fasten the door, because I am up last - the door is only bolted; he works with his mother as a stay-maker - I have seen a fur cap in the room - I did not hear that the boy who had committed this robbery had a fur cap; his mother said he wore a hat; he went out to pawn a handkerchief on the Monday, and he was taken.

BASELL's Defence.  I had been to the play, and was returning - I saw this man rolling about, the lad had hold of his arm, and as I passed him he caught hold of me, and said, "I have lost my pocket;" I said, "My good man, what do you do this for? I have done nothing."

BASELL - GUILTY . Aged 21.

EADES - GUILTY . Aged 15.

Transported for Life .

George Basell was transported on the  'Thames' which departed London on the 31 July 1829 arriving in Van Diemen's Land on the 21 November 1829.

The following is information obtained from George's Convict Records.

Name:                     George BASELL

Trade:                     Labourer and Skin Dryer

Height:                    5' 6"

Age:                        21 years

Complexion:            Pale

Head:                      Round inclines to left shoulder

Hair:                        Brown

Whiskers:                None

Visage:                    Oval

Forehead:               Perpendicular

Eyebrows:               Brown

Eyes:                       Dark Hazel

Nose:                      Long

Mouth:                    Medium with thick lips

Chin:                       Medium

Native Place:          Bethnal Green

Remarks:                Head inclining to left shoulder.  Maria Basell above elbow joint left arm.  Ann M Brinside left arm, L C A M T on right arm.


Dec 29 1830 - E Lord/Neglect of duty and disobedience of orders 25 lashes. A McPherson


Aug 22 1835/Off/Neglect of duty in allowing rams to get with a flock of ewes in his charge and disobedience of orders in not acquainting Mr Nicholls that this had taken place and deceiving Mr Nicholls in telling him that it had not taken place. Sent to solitary confinement on Bread and Water


DW/ Feb 1st 1836 Broom Maker WB/Out after hours, Tread Wheel for 6 days


PL/March 20 1837 PH/found on the race course without a pass.  T Wheel 6 days.


PS/ Nov 14 1837 PH/ Out after hours.  3 months hard labour on the roads, (H Gunn) "Sandy Bay Rd pty, then sent to PBks vide Lieut Governors decision 18 Nov 1837"   Ticket of leave for this man has been cancelled he being now under sentence at Sandy Bay Rd ? vide print ? to 9 January 1838


March 31, 1838.  Under orders for Rocky Hill Road Party / Objecting to proceed to Rocky Hill Rd Party when ordered.  The Lieutenant Governor has directed him to be forwarded there immediately and then conduct specially reported / PS.


Conditional Pardon No 247 20 (30)th March 1842.


George Basell married Jane GREEN at St David's, Hobart, on the 25 May 1840.  He was 31 years old and she was 21 years old.   Jane was from Staffordshire, England. There were no children of this union.  Jane Bazil (sic) died on 3 November 1875 in Havelock, Victoria in 1875, Father:  William Green, Farmer and Mother: Sarah. Her death certificate states that she was married to George Bazil (sic) in Hobartown, Victoria at age 20.


George next appears in Melbourne, Victoria in 1852 where he forms an association with Editha Annie McPherson and their daughter Rebecca Mary is born on the 22 July.  Rebecca Mary died at Maldon, Victoria on 22 July 1854.  Their son Kennith William was born on the 26 June 1860 at Beaufort, Victoria.

In 1863 Esther Emily Bassell dies in Ballarat, Victoria.  An inquest is held into her death, and in the inquest report, Editha Annie Basell states that she is Esther Emily's mother, and that George Basell is her father, and that Esther was born in Tasmania.  Esther was aged 17 years when she died, which means she was born circa 1846.  The only birth entry for an Esther Emily that can be found in Tasmania is to Alexander LAING and Susanna ROBERTS.  Refer to the McPherson page for more on this confusing entanglement of people.

George Basell died on the 15 January 1877 at Ballarat, Victoria.  He is buried in the Ballarat Cemetery with Editha Annie Basell (whose legal name was Lewis, nee McPherson).


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