Arabella Knowsley

born 10 December 1864

Bridlington, Yorkshire, England




Arabella Knowsley was the daughter of George Knowsley and Mary Wells.  She was born in the picturesque seaside town of Bridlington Quay in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  In 1871 Arabella (listed as Isabella on the census) is living with her parents George and Mary and she was a scholar. 


By 1881 Arabella is living with her 1st cousin 1 removed, John Grey Coultas and his family as a domestic servant in High Street Bridlington.


On the 29th December 1885, Mary Jane Pickin Knowsley is born to Arabella in Bridlington.  Arabella married Mary Jane's father William Henry Pickin on 18 October 1886 in the Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire.  William Pickin is listed on the census records as being born in Madeley Wood, Salop and Trowbridge, Shropshire.


William and Arabella's children are:


Alice Pickin born 1887 in Salford, Lancashire - died 1887 in Salford, Lancashire

William Henry Pickin born 1888 in Great Harwood, Lancashire

Charlie Pickin born 1893 in Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire

Ellen Pickin born 1894 in Salford, Lancashire

Nora Pickin born 1896 in Salford, Lancashire

Edward Pickin born 1899 in Salford, Lancashire

Joseph Pickin born 1902 in Pendlebury, Lancashire


In 1891 the Pickin family are living at 46 Greaves Street, Great Harwood, Lancashire.  William Pickin Snr is listed as being a coal miner.  The only children living with them are: Mary, William, Nora and Edward.


In 1901, Arabella and her children Mary Jane, William, Nora and Edward are still living at 46 Greaves Street, Great Harwood.  William Snr was not home that night, he was boarding with the Lunn family at 179 Longhirst Terrace, Pegewood, Northumberland working as a coal miner.


By 1911 the family consisting of William Snr, Arabella, Nora, Edward and Joseph are living at 614 Bolton Road, Pendlebury, Lancashire.  William Snr is now a labourer and Arabella runs a chip potato business.


William Henry Pickin Snr died on the 24th January 1929 in Nelson, Lancashire - his death is registered under the surname Picken in the district of Burnley.


Arabella, in 1939, is living with her son William Henry and his wife Ethel.  They are resident at 8 Rutland Avenue, Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire.  Arabella is listed as an incapacitated widow, being born on 10 December 1865.


Arabella died on the 29th January 1948 in Nelson, Lancashire, aged 83 years.





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