Ellen Knowsley

born 1817

Nafferton, Yorkshire, England





Elizabeth Knowsley was the daughter of George Knowsley and Ann Noble.  Ellen did not marry, and throughout her life lived with members of her family.


In 1841 Ellen aged 20 years is living with her parents George and Ann, and siblings Elizabeth, Henrietta and George.  Their home was in Wansford, Fosten, Nafferton, Yorkshire.


In 1848 Ellen gave birth to a son, Edward Knowsley in Pickering, Yorkshire.  Edward married Elizabeth Grey in Bridlington, Yorkshire in 1869.


I have not been able to find Ellen or her son Edward on the 1851 Census.


Ellen died on 13 March 1853 at St John Street, Bridlington.  Cause of death is General Decay.  She was 36 years old, and was buried in the Bridlington Cemetery on the 16 March 1853.




Convict Connections