Lambing Hill Cemetery Burials





Published with permission.

"Over the past decade or so I have tried numerous times (unsuccessfully) to get Mid West Regional Council interested in preserving this historic cemetery.  It sits on a private property and the owner is agreeable.  It ties in with early German migration, pioneers, wine growing, and female pioneers.  Sandstone posts and plaque carved by my GG  Grandfather, Henry DIEHM" - Lina Hayden, NSW.



Lambing Hill Cemetery from 1870-1893 (Near Goolma, New South Wales, Australia

Charlotte Terrissa DIEHM

d.  25 June 1870, aged 14 years

b.  25 March 1856 Lue NSW

daughter of Heinrich and Elizabetha



d.  14 November 1872

son of Martin and Catherine (Burns)


Maria Elizabetha HORNER


d.  7 September 1875 aged 54 years

b.  19 April 1821 Kembach, Germany

daughter of Andreas Horner and Magdalena (Diehm)


William George DOHERTY

d.  11 January 1878

son of Daniel and Hannah (Shearman)



d.  9 May 1878

daughter of Matthew and Mary Ann (Dowling)


Henry Edward DIEHM

d.  4 October 1878 aged six weeks

son of Andrew and Margaret (Burns)


Ruby Jocelyn DIEHM

d.  23 December 1893

son of Andrew and Margaret


Sandstone columns hand carved by:

Johann Heinrich DIEHM (Henry)

b.  2 December 1827 Dertingen, Werthein, Germany

d.  20 December 1884 (buried Gulgong Cemetery)

so of Simon and Appolonia (Kiesecker)


Heinrich DIEHM (a vine dresser), Elizabetha and baby Andreas arrived Sydney Cove 9 March 1855 vide Catteaux Wattel, the third family settling in Goolma, at Lambing Hill in 1865.