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McEwan/McKeown Family

McEwan is my mother's maiden name.  When I was researching this line, I discovered that the McEwan family came to Australia from Scotland.   On further investigation I found that the family originated in Tyrone, Ireland.  McEwan was also documented as McEwen and McKeown.  The McKeown spelling appears in Ireland.


Although I do not have much information on the McEwan families, I have decided to include what I do have, in the hope that someone, somewhere out there will recognise these details, and I will find a connection !!  If anyone out there is connected to any of these families, please email me!!


My McEwan story begins with William McKEOWN and Elizabeth SMITH.  William and Elizabeth were married in Ballygawley, Tyrone, Ireland in about 1798.  According to LDS IGI Member Submission, they had a son, James McKEOWN born 1800 and died 1870 at Ballygawley.  They had another son, John McKEOWN born about 1812 at Ballygawley.  This John married Catherine McFLYNN, and their son, William McKeown was born on 10th September 1838 at Baymulligan, Moneymore, Tyrone.  It is not known what happened to Catherine, I am presuming she died as John then married Annabella McFADZEAN on 2nd October 1848 in Tyrone, Ireland.


The next information I have of John and Annabella is when they are living in Ayrshire, Scotland, where they had the following children:


James McEwan born circa 1850

Isaac McEwan born circa 1854 - married Susan Dornan in 1875, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Elizabeth McEwan born 11 March 1856

Margaret McEwan born 11 March 1858 - Married William LINDSAY on 02 June 1882 at Boghall, Dalrymple, Ayrshire, Scotland

Sarah McEwan born 24 May 1860 - Married David MURRAY on 13 November 1891 at Boghall, Dalrymple, Ayrshire, Scotland

Isabella [Bell] McEwan born 21 November 1862 - Married John MOORE on 10 February 1888 at Boghall, Dalrymple, Ayrshire, Scotland

Alexander McEwan born 23 February 1865

Selina Clark McEwan born 10 October 1867


John McKeown died aged 74 years, in 1886 at Dalrymple, Ayrshire, Scotland.  His parents are listed as William McKeown and Elizabeth Smith.


William McKEOWN born 1838 in Tyrone, Ireland is my great great grandfather.  He died on the 08 July 1913 at Craigmiller Buildings, Limonds Wynd, Ayrshire, Scotland.  On his death certificate it states his parents were John McEWEN and Annabella McFADZEAN.  As John and Annabella were married in 1848, and when they married John stated he was a widow, I am comfortable with the fact that William was John's son, and Annabella's step-son.  Even though William's marriage information below states that his father's name was William, I can not confirm this, as it has not been viewed by the writer.


St Michaels Church of Ireland, Sixmilecross, Tyrone, records the marriage between William McKeown from the townland of Ballintrain and Jane ANDERSON from the townland of Ramackin on May 31st 1857.  Father of William McKeown is William McKeown, Labourer; Father of Jane Anderson is Joseph Anderson Labourer.   Witnesses:  John Anderson and Daniel Droogan .

Parish of Termonmaguirk...Incumbent - Andrew Christie


William McKeown and Jane Anderson had the following children:


Mary Ann McKeown born 24 May 1858, christened 24 July 1858 at St Michaels, Sixmilecross, Tyrone, Ireland

Margaret McEwen born 08 March 1861 at Dalrymple, Ayrshire, Scotland

William McEwen born 15 November 1863 at Coylton, Ayrshire, Scotland

James McKeown born 31 August 1866, christened on 14 October 1866 at Sixmilecross, Tyrone, Ireland - Edward Bell, Minister.

John McEwen born 01 March 1870 at Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland

Robert McEwen born 20 April 1871 at Dalrymple, Ayrshire, Scotland

David McJannet McEwen born 16 October 1874 at Dalrymple, Ayrshire, Scotland (my great grandfather)

Sarah Hayman McEwen born 18 June 1880 at Drumgobbs, Dalrymple, Ayrshire, Scotland.   Sarah married Sykes GLOVER on

26 February 1900 at 'The Manse', Newton, Ayrshire, Scotland.


Mary Ann McKeown married Donald [aka Daniel McCURDIE]  on 30 December 1881.  Their known children:


Mary Jane McCurdie born 1882

Margaret McCurdie born 1884

Eliza Robb McCurdie born 1885

Janet McCurdie born 1886

Daniel McCurdie born 1888

William McCurdie born 1891

James McEwen McCurdie born 1894

Jane Anderson McCurdie born 1896

Margaret McCurdie born 1903


David McJannet McEwen married Jessie McIntosh McKENZIE on the 17 May 1897 at 310 Scotland Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.  They had the following children:


William McKenzie McEwan born 28 January 1898 at Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland. William was in the 6th Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders in WW1.  He was killed in action on Monday 26 November 1917, and is buried in the Rocquingy-Equancourt Road British Cemetery, Manancourts Somme, France.

James McKenzie McEwan born 17 December 1899 at Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland (my grandfather) - died 26 February 1995 at Fremantle, Western Australia.

David McJannet McEwan born 16 July 1901 at Glasgow, Lanark - died 18 July 1901 at Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.

Jessie McKenzie Mc Ewan born 1903 at Glasgow, Lanark - died 17 August 1999 at Perth, Western Australia

David McKenzie McEwan born 1907 at Glasgow, Lanark - died 22 May 1981 at Fullerton, Adelaide, South Australia.

Hannah McIntosh McEwan born 1913 at Glasgow, Lanark - Died 2007 at Perth, Western Australia.



Article from Unknown Newspaper in Scotland:





Powderhall Spill Recalled.


At the gathering of veterans at the passing of the Celtic cycles track last Saturday there was a face we all missed - that of David McEwan, who now resides at Shettleston.

'Davie,' as he was popularly known, is an Ayrshire protégée, and the idol of all cycling racing followers in the Auld Toon.

He entered the track as a dark horse, and absolutely flabbergasted Vogt, McLaren, and company by his successful riding, and ere long the wee lad was hailed as a worthy successor of the many good men who had in the past come out of Ayr into the athletic arena.

Born in 1874, he learned to cycle in 1891, and in two months was at Ibrox Park, where he won both is heat and the final.  Though only 14 years of age he had six firsts, nine seconds, and five thirds that year, beating all the best and tried Ayrshire cyclists.




His success was phenomenal.  The following year Davie roped in 40 prizes, including 26 firsts, and at Kilmarnock Sports he beat R.A. Vogt, the Scottish Champion in the mile, and in addition created a world's record - 2 minutes 20 seconds off 80 yards, equal to 2 minutes 28 seconds for the full distance.

In the next race - two miles - Vogt was leading in the winning straight by fully 10 yards, but Davie, amid tremendous excitement, won by a wheel.

Next year at Hampden Park, Davie's appearance was the tit-bit of the gathering.  He realised every expectation.

In the five mile scratch race he led from start to finish from Vogt and all the best Scottish cyclists.  In that race he won a gold medal, value 10 pounds, which is Davie's most treasured possession.  In the 25 mile race Vogt only beat him by six inches.




That year, however, Davie was in the great Powerhall spill.  In the five mile championship of Scotland the Ayrshire lad, a strong favourite, came a terrible cropper.

His machine got smashed, and the rider had to be taken to Edinburgh Infirmary, where he lay unconscious for 24 hours.

The marks of that terrible accident are on his face and body to this day; as he told me, he will carry them to his grave.

During his first three years he won 65 prizes, and in 1894 he did the half-mile at Celtic park in the record time of 1 minute 6 seconds.  He also had a try at the 12 hours cycle race at Hampden Park.  Here he surprised J.A. Peterson, the world's champion long distance rider, by leading him half-a-mile in the first hour, and so creating a new Scottish record, and before he gave up at 60 miles he had made 29 Scottish records - truly a marvellous performance.

In 1897-8-9 he rode as a professional, and won 280 pounds, and in 1897 he did the mile at Celtic Park in 2 minutes.




Probably many will remember the scenes at Ayr when Davie won the six half-hours race there.

He was first every night six nights in succession, and at the finish he was carried shoulder high off the race track and through the streets of Ayr with the band playing 'See the Conquering Hero Come'.  In the whole course of his career Davie has won 500 prizes, including 20 gold badges, 10 silver, and the gold medal aforementioned."


My grandfather, James McKenzie McEwan came to Western Australia on the 'Euripides' ex London, arriving on the 9 March 1922.  His brother, David McJannet McEwan arrived at Fremantle, Western Australia on the 'Orama' on the 10th December 1928.  Their parents, David McJannet and Jessie McEwan, along with their daughters Jessie and Hannah arrived in Western Australia on the 4 February 1930 vide the 'Otranto'.  David is listed as a 'Machine Man', Jessie as 'Home Duties' and daughter Jessie as a Florist.


James McKenzie McEwan married Mabel Mary ROBINSON on the 02 October 1924 at St Georges Cathedral, Perth, WA.


James was a Policeman and Upholsterer and lived in Perth, Albany and Kalgoorlie.  After Mabel's death in 1934, he later married Olive YOUNG nee DEWEY.  James died on the 26 February 1985 at Fremantle, WA and his ashes are buried in Fremantle Cemetery.


Jessie McKenzie McEwan married Daniel Leonard Stanley MARSHALL on the 02 September 1937 in Perth WA.  Jessie died on the 17 August 1999 in Perth, she was 95 years old.


David McKenzie McEwan married Catherene C SIMPSON in 1937 in Perth WA.  He died in 1981 in Adelaide, South Australia.


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