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Henry ORME - Convict Number 54014 - brother of convict Joel Orme.


Henry was tried at Chester Quarter Sessions on the 26 June 1837 for stealing a pair of boots.  He was sentenced to seven years transportation to Van Diemen's Land.  On the 19th July, having been allocated prisoner number 3276, Henry was sent from Knutsford, Cheshire to the hulk 'Justitia'.  Henry could not read or write, was a waterman and labourer, who had been 'convicted before'.


Henry was transported on the 'Moffatt' which departed Woolwich, England on the 27 October 1837 arriving in Van Diemen's Land on the 1 April 1838.


Description List CON 18/1/17:

Name:                                     Henry ORME

Convict Number:                     54014

Trade:                                    Boatman and labourer

Height:                                   5' 9 1/4"

Age:                                       18

Complexion:                            Pale

Head:                                     Oval

Hair:                                      Brown

Whiskers:                              None

Visage:                                   Oval

Forehead:                              High

Eyebrows:                              Brown

Eyes:                                      Hazel

Nose:                                     Large

Mouth:                                   Medium

Chin:                                      Medium

Remarks:                               Ship Moffatt, anchor and cable right arm (tattooed)

Native Place:                         Macclesfield


Conduct Record CON 31/1/32:

Transported for stealing boots.  Goal Report - imprisoned before.  Hulk Report - good.  Single.  Stated this offence a pair of boots .


The Tasmanian Convict Muster of 1841 shows Henry Orme employed at the 'Marine Department'.  His brother Joel Orme was also working at the marine department that year.


Received ticket of leave in 1833/34.


Received conditional pardon on 23 May 1843.


Received free certificate number 281 in 1845.


Henry Orme died at Hobart on 24 April 1848, aged 28 years.  He did not marry.


Henry and Joel were both on the hulk Justitia, just at different times.  I wonder if Joel deliberately committed offences so he could be transported to be with his brother, as in Aug 1839 he was imprisoned for six months for larceny, and by June 1840 he was on his way to join his brother in Hobart.


Special thanks to Michael Bebbington of Lancashire for finding the connection between Henry, Joel and the Orme family of Macclesfield, Cheshire.




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