Johanna Ottolangui/Langley

born 1877

Dunedin, New Zealand




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Johanna Ottolangui/Langley




Edgar David Albert Sulzberger



L to R: Edgar, Agnes and Johanna Sulzberger - circa 1916



JOHANNA OTTOLANGUI was born on the 23 August 1877 in Dunedin, New Zealand, and died on the 2 February 1963 in Hastings, New Zealand. 
She met (1) UNKNOWN Abt. 1898. She married (2) OLIVER DRAUGHT
TIBEAUDO on the 2 March 1904 in Dunedin, New Zealand. He was born Abt.1870 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, and died in 1911 in Sydney, Australia. 
She married (3) EDGAR DAVID ALBERT SULZBERGER on the 12 May 1913 in Balclutha, New Zealand, son of Gottlieb Sulzberger and Bridget Breen. Edgar was born on the 5 September 1890 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, and died on the 21 November 1918 in Kaitangata, Dunedin, New Zealand. 
She married (4) ARCHIBALD STEELE DOBBIE in 1926, son of James Dobbie and Elizabeth Steele.
Archibald was born on the 21 October 1876 in Kaitangata, New Zealand, and died Abt.1960.


ERNEST SIDNEY OTTOLANGUI born on the 10 July 1899, Dunedin, NZ  and died on the 5 December 1966 in Invercargill, NZ. He married Ida Violet Butt on the 18 November 1927 in Dunedin, NZ. She was born on the 11 September 1899 in Invercargill, NZ and died on the 18 November 1997 in Christchurch, NZ


LANGLEY (Lanny) OLIVER TIBEAUDO born on the 10 November 1905 in Dunedin, NZ and died on the 10 August 1906 in Dunedin, NZ.


AGNES LUCY SULZBERGER born on the 22 April 1915 in Kaitangata, NZ.  She married Harry Arthur Young. He was born about 1909.

JACOB JOSHUA LANGLEY SULZBERGER born on the 22 March 1918 in Kaitangata, NZ and died on the 23 November 2000 in Havelock North, NZ. Jacob married Patricia Bealey Wingham in June 1947 at St Mary's Church, Christchurch, NZ, daughter of James Wingham and Henrietta McIntyre. She was born on the 14 September 1923 in Runanga, New Zealand.