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Family History



Our earliest found antecedent is Meyer (Meir) Ottolenghi. His son Menachem (or Emanuel) Ottolenghi was married in Livorno, Italy in 1719, from this date we estimate his birth at about 1698. His birth place is unknown. Ottolenghi is the Italian spelling of our name. Menachem's son David also born in Livorno in 1734, arrived in London, England in 1776 and attended the Bevis Marks Synagogue. Here the spelling of Ottolenghi changed to Ottolengui, Ottolangui and other alternate spellings. Later many families anglicized the name to Langley.


Pronunciation of "Ottolangui" -the- "gui" is the exact Portuguese equivalent of the Italian -"ghi" and pronounced identically i.e. both -"ghi" and -"gui" are pronounced "gee" the "h" in Italian and the "u" in Portuguese serving to mark the "g" as a hard consonant.


This website is for all Ottolenghi's, not just those who descend from Meyer Ottolenghi in Livorno. I am keen to add other Ottolenghi/Ottolangui family lines from all countries.


Questo sito web per tutti gli Ottolenghi, non solo per i discendenti di Meyer Ottolenghi di Livorno. Vorrei aggiungere altri rami italiani della famiglia. Se desiderate che la vostra famiglia sia inclusa in questo sito, vi prego di iscrivervi nel mio Libro degli Ospiti.



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