Richard Langley

born circa 1843

Hobart, Van Diemen's Land, Australia








Richard Langley was born circa 1843 in Hobart, Tasmania, the son of David Langley/Ottolangui and Phillis Skinner. 


There as been a lot of discussion between descendants of David and Phillis about Richard.  There is no record of his birth or baptism, which was not uncommon in those days, but there is a record of his death on the 11th September 1861.  His death states that he was born in Hobart, was 18 years old, cause of death diphtheria.  His death was reported by John Jones, friend of Melville Street, Hobart.  He died at Argyle Street, and was a 'tinman's child'.   In 1854, Phillis had married Daniel Evans, who was a tinman. 





Some descendants would say that the death record for Richard Langley is in fact for his sister Rachael Langley, but I believe that they were two different people.  Richard was 18 when he died, and Rachael was 15.  They both died of diphtheria, which would not have been uncommon if the disease was on the rampage through old Hobart town, particularly if they were both living in Argyle Street with their sister Sarah.  There is also the unnamed female child born to David and Phillis, who I believe to be Rachael.  I could find no newspaper report on Richard, but I would imagine they would still be in shock over Rachael's death the month earlier.  I therefore believe that Richard and Rachael were brother and sister.


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