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William ROBERTS was married to Ann (nee unknown).  Their known children were:


James ROBERTS, born in 1768, christened on 07 August 1768.

Harriot Mary ROBERTS, born 1771, christened 17 Mar 1771.

Mary Ann ROBERTS, born 1773, christened 16 May 1773.

William Henry ROBERTS, born 1776, christened 28 April 1776.

Sarah ROBERTS, born 1777, christened  20 July 1777.

Sarah ROBERTS, born 1779, christened 4 April 1779.

Henry Charles ROBERTS, born 1781, christened 10 July 1781.

All the above children were christened at St Ann Blackfriars, London, England


William Henry ROBERTS born 1776, married Sarah (nee unknown).  Their son was William Henry ROBERTS born 8 February 1795, Currier of Rotherhithe, who married Sarah Anne LAKER on 19 December 1814 at St Nicholas, Deptford, Kent, England.

Their children were:


William Henry ROBERTS born at Griffin Street, Deptford, Kent on 23 April 1815, and was christened on 4 June 1815.

Sarah Ann ROBERTS was born at Broad Way, Deptford Kent on 5 March 1817 and was christened on 6 April 1817.  Both William Henry and Sarah were christened at St Paul's, in the borough of Lewisham, Deptford, Kent.


William Henry ROBERTS, born 1815, Sail Maker,  married Susanna PITTMAN on the 31 October 1837, at St George The Martyr, Southwark, Surrey.  Susanna was the daughter of William PITTMAN, a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, and Sarah SHAW.  Susanna was a Dressmaker.  William and Susanna arrived in Sydney, NSW on the 'Kinnear' on the 23 April 1838.


Henry George ROBERTS was the son of William Henry ROBERTS and Susanna PITTMAN.  He was born on the 31 March 1839, and was baptised on the 5 May 1839, in the Parish of St Thomas, in the county of Macquarie, NSW.


Henry's marriage and death certificates both say his mother was Editha Annie McPHERSON.  Editha's death certificate states that she was born on the Isle of Skye, and if her age was correct at the time of her death, she was born circa 1818.  See more about Editha's life on the McPherson page.


Henry George Roberts married Frances Amelia PINNOCK on the 20 August 1867, at Ararat, Victoria.  Henry was 28 years old, and Frances was just 15.  According to this marriage certificate permission for Frances to marry was given by James Daly Esq, 'Guardian of the Minor'.  Henry and Frances had the following children:


Amelia Roberts born 08 December 1868 at Ararat.  Amelia married James Thompson on 12 November 1885 at Ballarat. (Editha Annie McPherson was the informant on this birth certificate, and is listed as 'Friend'.)


George Basell Roberts born 21 Feb 1871 at Ararat.  George Basell married Beatrice Gertrude WOOD on 8 October 1902 at Clunes, Victoria.


Eda Elizabeth Roberts born 21 October 1873 at Carisbrook.  Eda married Charles Henry DAVIS in 1912.


Richard Pinnock Roberts born 21 January 1876 at Tourello.  Richard died age 3 weeks old at Ballarat.


William Henry Roberts born 7 July 1881 at Glenthompson.  William married Martha GRUNDY in 1909.


Eveline Pearl Roberts born 12 April 1884 at Glenthompson.  Eveline married Edward John (Jack) MORRIS on the 6 June 1905.


Esther Maude Roberts born 15 March 1887 at Clunes.  Esther married Samuel BENSON in 1906.


Frederick Richard Roberts born 25 April 1890 at Clunes.  Frederick married Isabella RETALLICK on 25 April 1912.


Frances Florence May Roberts born 27 May 1892 at Clunes.  Frances married Robert Ward GRUNDY in 1913.


Arthur James Roberts born 21 January 1892 at Clunes.  Arthur married Violet Jane GRUNDY on 19 April 1913.


Lilian Ethel Pinnock Roberts born 16 November 1895 at Clunes.  Lilian married James SANDERS in 1917.



Henry George Roberts died on 15 July 1921 at Creswick, and is buried in the Coghills Creek Cemetery.

Frances Amelia Roberts nee Pinnock died on 21 July 1922 at Creswick, and is buried with Henry in the Coghills Creek Cemetery.


George Basell Roberts and Beatrice Gertrude Wood and their children:


Female (stillborn) 1903, Clunes, Victoria (no registration for this child).  Buried Clunes Cemetery, Victoria.

Harry Clifford Benson Roberts born 26 May 1905 at Kamballie, Western Australia

Elfreda May Roberts born 15 Dec 1906 at Golden Gate, Boulder, Western Australia

Eugene Basil Roberts born 11 Sep 1908 at Kurrawang, Western Australia

Jack Pinnock Roberts born 19 Mar 1910 at Kurrawang, Western Australia

James Thompson Roberts born 16 Feb 1912 at Kurrawang, Western Australia

Bessie Gertrude Roberts born 11 Jun 1914 at Kurrawang, Western Australia

Bertram George Roberts born 28 Mar 1920 at Kurrawang, Western Australia


Beatrice Gertrude died on the 1 October 1946 at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.


After the death of Beatrice Gertrude, George Basell returned to Victoria and married Gertrude BARTLETT.


George Basell died on the 22 May 1957 at Maryborough, Victoria.


Elfreda May Roberts was my grandmother.  She married Robert Sydney COLLINS on the 22 May 1926 in the Wesley Manse, Boulder, WA.  Elfreda May died on the 08 Nov 1991, in Perth, WA.  She is buried with her husband and grandson in the Kalgoorlie Cemetery.



St David's Church and Cemetery,

Coghills Creek, where George

and Amelia are buried




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