Thomas Skinner was the brother of Phillis Skinner, who was convicted of theft and sent to Van Diemen's Land in 1834.  She may have deliberately offended so she could be with her brother.  However, if that was the case, it would appear that they never saw each other in Australia.


Convict to NSW

Arrived 13 July 1828 vide ship Phoenix.


Old Bailey Court Record:

JOHN ASKIN, THOMAS SKINNER, Theft > theft from a specified place, 31st May 1827.

Reference Number: t18270531-304

Offence: Theft > theft from a specified place

Verdict: Guilty; Guilty

Punishment: Transportation



1317. JOHN ASKIN and THOMAS SKINNER were indicted for stealing, on the 1st of June , 1 copper, value 10s., the goods of Robert Hardy , and fixed to his dwelling-house.

ROBERT HARDY. I live in Glasshouse-street, Whitechapel ; my copper was fixed safe at ten o'clock at night, on the 31st of May, and next morning it was gone, when I got up; here it is - I am certain of it - I have compared it with the place it came from.

THOMAS GLOVER . I live at the Crown public-house, Glasshouse-street. I got up about five o'clock in the morning, and saw the prisoners walking up and down the street; I saw Skinner get over the gates of Hardy's-yard - Askin walked to and from till he found an opportunity; Skinner then lifted the copper over the pails, and Askin's received it from him - I got two men to assist, and took them both - Hardy claimed it.

THOMAS JUDD . I secured them immediately.

ASKIN's Defence. I was coming from the Docks - a man said, "Lay hold of this, I will pay you for your trouble."

SKINNER's Defence. I was going to work.


ASKIN - GUILTY . Aged 16.


Transported for Seven Years


Thomas was awarded his Ticket of Leave on the 1 December 1833.


I have no other information on Thomas Skinner.  If anyone reading this does, please contact me.