Sophia Langley

born 5 December 1841

Hobart, Van Diemen's Land, Australia








Sophia and Charlotte Phillis Roberts                  John Roberts                         


Sophia Langley was born to convict parents David Langley and Phillis Skinner.  At 19 years of age she married John Roberts on the 9th November 1857 at the Church of St Georges, according to the rites of the Church of England, Hobart.  John was a 29 year old bachelor gardener, and was a convict to Hobart.   Sophia married under the surname of Evans, and her stepfather Daniel Evans signed her marriage certificate as a witness.  Neither John nor Sophia could write, and signed their names with a cross.


John Roberts was tried on the 12th August 1851 at Belfast, Ireland for deserting the 91st Regiment (The Argyllshire Highlanders Regiment of Foot), while in Belfast.  His parents are listed as Edward and Sarah Roberts, with siblings Richard, Price and Elizabeth.


He was found guilty and transported to Van Diemens Land for 10 years.  His convict records state his native place was Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales, and that he could both read and write, interesting as he signed his marriage certificate with a cross!


They had one daughter, Charlotte Phillis Roberts, who was born on the 19th August 1858 at Hobart. 


Sophia died at Argyle Street, Hobart, on the 13th June 1870 from Brights Disease (kidney complaint).  She was aged just 26 years. Her death certificate says her father was a whaler.  This refers to Joel Orme, who was in fact her stepfather, her mother Phillis's third husband.


I have John Roberts death date as 9th June 1904, but I can find no record of his death in that year.


Charlotte Phillis Roberts married Edward Walters on the 10th November 1885 at St Mary's Church of England, Hotham, Victoria.  They had six children, all born in Melbourne.  Edward Archibald Walters 1888, Frank Allen Walters 1891, John Henry Walters 1893, Roy Robert Walters 1895, Winifred Eaton Walters 1897 and William Leonard Walters 1903.


Charlotte Phillis Walters nee Roberts


Charlotte died on the 23rd October 1910 and her husband Edward Walters died on the 25th March 1935, both in Melbourne, Victoria.




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