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Victoria Adelaide Robinson


My great grandmother, Victoria Adelaide Robinson was always a mystery to her grandchildren.  My grandmother, her daughter Mabel, died when my mother was six years old, so not much was known about her.  It has taken me many years of searching, both through documents and travel to England to find out more about Victoria - commonly known as Annie.  Through this journey I reunited my mother with some of her cousins, who had family stories to tell and photos to share.    My mother and her cousins called her 'Grandma Goody', and their grandfather, Albert William Robinson, was known as 'Grandpa Baddie' - with much affection I am sure!


For many years I was at a loss to find Victoria's birth in Yorkshire, but have now found a birth entry: Adela Robinson in the June quarter of 1880 at Knaresborough, Yorkshire.  This birth certificate reads:  Adela Robinson, born 18 April 1880 at Meadley's Square, Knaresborough.  Father: William Robinson, wood sawyer; mother: Elizabeth Robinson formally Amos.  Birth registered by the mother, Elizabeth Robinson of Meadley's Square, Knaresborough.


Having received Adela's birth certificate I went looking for her in the census records, and found the family living at Meadley's Square, Knaresborough, Yorkshire in 1881:


William Robinson         Head  Married  28    Sawyer (out of work)

Elizabeth Robinson      Wife   Married  27

William Robinson         Son                     8    Scholar

Charles Robinson        Son                     6    Scholar

Matthew Robinson       Son                     3   

Adelaide Robinson     Dau                     7 months  (should read 11 months)

They were all born in Knaresborough, Yorkshire.


This is Adela Robinson and her family as they are living at the address where she was born. 


1891 - Adelaide is now 11 years old, is on the census as Adelaide Robinson, and is boarding at Four Lane Ends, Killinghall with the Smith family.  The 1891 census information fits in with family story of Annie going to the Harrogate Markets to sell farm produce.  Harrogate is close to Killinghall in Yorkshire.  At this time, Adelaide's brother Matthew is a farm servant at Plompton Hall, Plompton, Yorkshire, and it appears that their brother Charles Robinson is an 'inmate' at the District Gordon Boys Home in Chobham, Surrey.   Their is no trace of their parents or brother William.


In 1895 Adelaide was presented with a Bible from the Saltergate Hill Sunday School, which is near Harrogate.  It is inscribed "To Annie Robinson".  This bible is in the possession of one of Annie's granddaughters. 


1901 - Adelaide is now 22 years old, is known as Annie Robinson, and is a house maid at the Grammar School, Bessingby near Bridlington.


1903 - Adelaide is now calling herself  Victoria Adelaide Robinson and was married at the Registry Office, Long Lane, Bridlington, Yorkshire on the 18th August to Albert William Robinson.  This certificate states that Victoria's father was Charles William Robinson - deceased Jeweller.


1911 Census - my great grandmother Victoria Adelaide Robinson is married to Albert William Robinson and living in Bridlington.  She states she is 31 years old, and was born in Leeds, Yorkshire.


Victoria Adelaide Robinson died in 1939 at King River near Albany, Western Australia.  Her death certificate states her mother was Mary Silverside, but was she?  Adela/Adelaide Robinson's mother was Elizabeth Amos or Amass.  Do I have the right family, have I finally found my great grandmother's ancestors? 


Over the past 15 years I have traced every Charles William Robinson and Mary Silverside I can find in the UK records.  There is no marriage between a Charles William Robinson and a Mary Silverside/s.  Nothing about these parents seem to fit Victoria's story anywhere or at any time.



If you have any information on any of the people described here, please email me.


Many thanks.


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