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Wells Family

Special acknowledgement and thanks to Christine Beek of Pickering, Ontario for all the information supplied on the Wells family branch in Canada.

The earliest record I have of the WELLS family is William Wells born 1788 who married Isabella Coultas on the 2nd January 1813, in the Parish of Harpham in Yorkshire, England.

William and Isabella had 13 children:

Ellen Wells born 07 November 1813, Thwing

Robert Coultas Wells born 03 April 1815, Wold Newton

Jane Wells born 08 June 1817, Scampston

Arabella Wells born 20 January 1820, Scampston

William Wells born 23 April 1822, Scampston

Mary Wells born 20 September 1824, Scampston

Joseph Wells born 18 December 1826, Scampston

James Coultas Wells born 1829, Scampston

Jabez Wells born 29 June 1831, Scampston

Jubiah Wells born circa 1832, Scampston

Samuel Swithin Wells born 24 July 1833, Scampston

Vickerman Wells born 25 September 1837, Scampston

Zabia Wells born 21 July 1840, Scampston


William Wells born 1788 died on 19 February 1846 at Scampston, Yorkshire.  Isabella Wells nee Coultas died in 1879 at Scampston, Yorkshire.


Ellen Wells born 1813 married George Harper (bn circa 1811, North Burton) on the 2nd January 1836 at Bridlington, Yorkshire.  They had seven known children:


Sarah Jane Harper bn 1836

Isabella Harper bn 1838

William Harper bn 1840

Ellen Harper cir 1841

Robert Harper cir 1843

George Harper cir 1846

Henry Harper cir 1853


Arabella Wells born 1820 married William Baldwin (bn circa 1822, York) on the 7th October 1843 at Thorpe Bassett, Yorkshire.  They had three known children:


Mary Baldwin bn 1844 - died 1848

Mary Baldwin bn 1851

Betsy Baldwin bn 1856


William Wells born 1822 married Ann Outhett (bn 6 January 1821, Scampston) on 24th September 1848 at St Leonard's, New Malton, Yorkshire.  They had four known children:


William Wells bn cir 1853

Frances M Wells bn cir 1860

Vickerman Wells bn 1863

Annie Wells bn cir 1866

Mary Wells born 1824 married George Knowsley (bn 29 April 1823, Nafferton) on the 16th June 1846 in the Parish of Harpham, Yorkshire.  They had 13 children.  Refer to the Knowsley Family page for more information.

Joseph Wells born 1826 married Mercy Sanderson (bn circa 1827, Driffield) in 1849 at Driffield, Yorkshire.  They had six known children:

James Sanderson Wells bn 1851 Gt Driffield, Yorkshire - died 1890 Bertie, Wellard, Ontario, Canada

Jane Wells bn 1854 Gt Driffield, Yorkshire - died 1933 Canada

Samuel Inkerman Wells bn 1856 Malton, Yorkshire - died 1890 Pennsylvania, USA

Henry Wells bn 1858 Grimsby, Lincolnshire

Sarah Ann Wells bn 1860 Hull, Yorkshire - died 1946 Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Joseph Wells bn 1866 Hull, Yorkshire


Jabez Wells born 1831 married Sarah Shepherdson (bn circa 1830, Beverley) on 28th November 1857 at Bridlington, Yorkshire.  They had two known children:


William Wells bn 1861 Bridlington Quay, Yorkshire

Samuel Wells bn cir 1864 Scarborough, Yorkshire


Zabiah Wells born 1840 married William Buttry (bn circa 1826, Rinaulx) in 1870 at York, Yorkshire.  They had four known children:


Ann Buttry bn 1868 Rillington, Yorkshire

Thomas Buttry bn 1872 Rillington, Yorkshire

Mary Buttry bn 1874 Rillington, Yorkshire

Arabella Buttry bn 1876 Rillington, Yorkshire


William Buttry died in 1879, and Zabiah married a man named WHITE, and had two children to him:


Edith White bn 1881 Hull, Yorkshire

William White bn cir 1885 Hull, Yorkshire


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