Robert Henry CLIVE was born on 15th January 1798 at Oakley Park, Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Wales.  He was the son of Edward CLIVE and Henrietta Antonia HERBERT.


On the 19th June 1819, Robert Henry Clive married Harriet WINDSOR.  Harriet was the daughter of Other Hickman WINDSOR and Sarah ARCHER.


Robert and Harriet WINDSOR-CLIVE (as they became known) had the following children:


Henrietta Sarah born 1820 - place unknown

Charlotte Mary Florenta born September 1822 - Bromfield, Shropshire

Robert born 24 May 1824 - Bromfield, Shropshire

Mary born circa 1829 - Bromfield, Shropshire

Herbert Edward born 14 January 1830 - Bromfield, Shropshire

George Herbert born 12 March 1835 - St George, Middlesex

William born 11 August 1837 - Tardebigg, Worcestershire

Victoria Alexandria born 1839 - Bromfield, Shropshire


Robert Windsor-Clive born 1824 married Mary Selina Louisa BRIDGEMAN in 1852 at Shifnal, Hertfordshire.  Mary Selina Louisa was the daughter of George Augustus Frederick Henry BRIDGEMAN and Georgina Elizabeth MONCREIFFE.


Robert and Mary WINDSOR-CLIVE had the following known children:


Georgina Harriet Charlotte born 6 October 1853 - place unknown

Henrietta Lucy born 1 April 1855 - place unknown

Mary Agnes born 29 May 1856 - Hildersham Hall, Cambridgeshire

Robert George born 27 August 1857 - St George Hanover Square, London.


Mary Agnes Windsor-Clive married John Knowsley THORNTON on 18 July 1892 at St George Hanover Square, London.








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