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Welcome to Wendy's Family Tree




My journey into genealogy began when I received a photograph of my maternal grandparents marriage.  I had never known my grandparents, and my curiosity grew from wanting to know who the other people in the photograph were.


This journey took me to the small town of Mt Barker in the south of Western Australia, where my maternal great grandparents had settled after immigrating from Bridlington, Yorkshire, England in 1921.


From here my genealogical research and findings have grown beyond my wildest dreams.


The following links contain the results of my many hours of research into my family tree.   Please don't stop viewing my pages here, if you are interested in any of my research names, please view the never know, you may be connected to my families!!


If you have any Comments, Questions or Further Information on any of these families, please email me at *  Please remove the * before emailing.  I have had to remove all email links on my pages due to excessive spam emails.  Thank you.
















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