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Warren Flynn is an Australian author who writes mainly for teenagers.  His novels are very popular in schools throughout Australia.  Many readers write and tell Warren that Gaz is the first novel they have ever read, or the first novel they have ever really enjoyed reading.  Young adults have described his books as funny, exciting and even life-changing. Some readers love the humour of his Gaz books, others prefer the more exotic suspense of Escaping Paradise. His latest story, Return Ticket, is a time-travel adventure set in one of Australia's most exciting eras.

Each of Warren Flynn's books has been short-listed in the WA Young Readers' Book Award. Different Voices was also short-listed for the WA Premier's Prize.

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View more information about the book 'Return Ticket'

Danger and excitement in Australia's past.
Three modern teenagers find themselves aliens in their own country. History lessons were never like this! Making friends, facing enemies, as they uncover secrets of their past, desperate to escape back to the present.

ISBN 1-92073-190-3 

View more information about the book 'Escaping Paradise'

Wide-eyed suspense in Bali and Java.
Nicki's dream-like holiday turns to nightmare when she is kidnapped.
Dangerous politics sweep Nicki into an alien world which tests the core of her being.

ISBN 1-86368-280-5

View more information about the book 'Gaz Takes Off'

Fantastic fun in exotic locations.
A 'cultural' tour of Canada starts out as a detour de France. Winded but not wiser, Gaz tries some downhill skiing. Then   'frostbite'  takes on new meaning, with the bear and Tina both on the prowl.

ISBN 1-86368-180-9

View more information about the book 'Different Voices'

Gutsy, sad and inspirational.
Kim knew she had to save the lake. She'd lost too much already. At times it was like she was drowning, and there was no-one to hold on to, not even Gary.

ISBN 1-86368-299-6

View more information about the book 'Gaz'

Exciting, fast and funny.
Gary Green hits Year 9 running, well, stumbling anyway. Trouble at home, fights with the school heavies, and a drug bust leave Gaz gasping. He survives a cyclone, but can he cope with a whirlwind romance?

ISBN 1-86368-084-5


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