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The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment(Australia) - abbreviated as 42RHRA is a re-enactors regiment based throughout Australia comprised of members who replicate the uniform and drill of the 42nd Regiment of the Brittish Army in the year 1815.

The 42RHRA members are individually affiliated with the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (NA) based in Fort Amherst, Kent and with the Napoleonic Association in the UK. Fraternal contact is maintained with the 42HRUS, 42HRGER, and the 93SHRUS.

Members of the 42RHRA live in widely separated areas of Australia - WA, QLD, VIC, NSW and SA and form local squads for drill practice, marching, public performances, and all other legitimate re-enactors' activities. Each of these squads is under the control of its local members.

This web site primarily deals with the members of the 42RHRA who are located in the western State of Australia or as it is called "Western Australia". At this stage or squad consists of 1 Lieutenant (Dick Stein), 1 Lance Corporal (Craig Prince), and a further 10 enlisted men.

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