Norway 2005

Cycling in the Fjords of Southwest Norway

Our first tour of Norway was in late May and early June of 2005. We did not take enough warm clothing! There was plenty of snow left after the winter and after 10 fine days the weather deteriorated. The mountain passes were a highlight, as you will see in these photos.

Five reasons to cycle in Norway:


Our first big climb was Hemsedalfjellet, which is 1137 metres high. The west side, seen in the photo, is steep and dramatic.


Gaularfjellet is a wonderful pass on a quiet road. It is only 745 metres high but the first time that we crossed it, from east to west, there was plenty of snow at the top.


Trollstigen (850 metres) is a famous pass with great hairpin bends on the north side. The road takes a highly improbable route up the cirque wall.


Sognefjellet (1434 metres) is the highest pass in Norway. The climb on the west side is steep and strenuous, but it is worth it for the views of the Jotunheimen peaks.

Lærdal - Aurland

Route 243, between Lærdal and Aurland, is one of the higher roads (1306 metres) and it is not easy. It's appropriate nickname is Snøvegen - The Snow Road. The views on the south side are exceptional.