Some information about tunnels for cyclists

Cyclists can take the old road over Røldalsfjellet to avoid two long tunnels

Cyclists can take the old road over Røldalsfjellet to avoid two long tunnels

There are over 900 tunnels in Norway! Some are open to cyclists and some are not. Tunnels that are open to cyclists are generally safe and most are lit, however, it is important that you make yourself visible to other road users when you cycle through them. A rear light and reflectors are essential. A front light is very useful, especially in an unlit tunnel.

When planning a bicycle tour you should check if there are any banned tunnels on your proposed route. Statens Vegvesen, the Norwegian Roads Board, provides an online map that shows which tunnels are banned for bicycles. You will find the map at (Click on Vegkart NVDB, then 'Syklist', tick 'Tunneler med sykkelforbud', click 'Vis kart')
The map does not always show whether it is easy to avoid a banned tunnel (for example using a bicycle path or the old road), or whether the route must be avoided altogether.

The Cycletourer website has an excellent Map of Norwegian tunnels complete with photos and comments from cyclists.

We have summarised the information from Statens Vegvesen and updated it with information from other sources, including our own experience, to produce two lists: one of banned tunnels and one of long tunnels (mostly 2000+ metres) that you can ride through. Many tunnels that are banned but which we know can be easily avoided have been omitted from the list. If the 'Alternative route' mentions 'summer only' this is a clue that the alternative route might be be covered in snow at other times of the year. The tunnels are arranged by administrative department, starting in the south east, heading west and then north. In the Location column the letter 'X' signifies a crossroad or intersection, for example X110 indicates the intersection with route 110. The 'Km from start' and 'Km from end' columns indicate the distance of the tunnel from the start and end locations.

Disclaimer: If you use this information you do so at your own risk. New tunnels are constantly being built, so our guide will become less accurate over time.

Norway Tunnel Guide for cyclists - Selected Banned Tunnels

Norway Tunnel Guide for cyclists - Selected long tunnels you can ride through