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Above is our free lotto software (try selecting menu options, it's not just an image!!) I hope it helps you win more frequently when you play lotto (the lottery). I accept donations if you win the big one!! NOTE: This Java Applet takes approximately 60 seconds to download, please be patient.

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  • Members version drops 6 balls at a time to speed number picking.
  • You don't get the SmartPick options!! These two options pick numbers based on Number Frequency or Number Last Drawn data, using our adaptation of Chaos Theory and Probability Theory. The result is not a purely random selection of numbers. The SmartPick options are designed to model the statistical nature of the data set being used. Hence for example with the Number Frequency data set, numbers that have appeared more times in past draws are more likely to be selected by SmartPick. Those numbers with a low draw frequency may still be picked, but the probability is much lower that this will happen. Click here for more information.
  • The members version also allows you to control the initial level of Chaos applied, and thus influence the probability characteristics of number selection.

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