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Firstly let me clearly state LOTTO IS A GAME OF CHANCE! This web site is designed to provide a FUN way of picking your lotto numbers.

Now Welcome!! This website is dedicated to lotto and lottery players who hate tables of numbers and statistics. Humans are visual creatures. Thus the free lotto software on this website is designed to be:
  • Graphical. It visually displays lotto statistics and number selections.
  • Interactive. Display YOUR weekly lotto systems and number selections.
  • Web Enabled. No software downloads. No installs. Access via your web browser.
We provide lotto ( lottery ) results, statistics and free analysis software to help you pick lotto numbers and hopefully win more often. Click here to go straight to it!!

Background - I am a fan and regular player of the game of Lotto, however I have always wanted a better way to make my lotto number selections. Thus, I put my JAVA programming skills to the test and developed my O.W.N. Lotto and O.W.N. SmartPick Software. The O.W.N. Lotto Software provides easy access to lotto statistics, and lets you compare and analyse the numbers you pick using those statistics (such as how frequently numbers have been drawn). Alternatively, you can use O.W.N. SmartPick to pick numbers for you based on Chaos Theory and Probability Theory. All of this is done on-line, using most Java enabled Web Browsers.

This website was created to support Australian Lotto, a national game conducted by the Australian Lotto Bloc.

In Australian Lotto, eight balls are drawn from forty-five, numbered 1 through 45. The winning numbers are the first six balls drawn. Two additional balls are drawn called the supplementary (Supps) or bonus numbers. There are five prize divisions. To win a prize you need to get at least three winning numbers and one supplementary number, in the one game.

O.W.N. Lotto is interactive analysis software designed to help pick your lotto numbers. It displays game selections that YOU pick. Number Frequency is the standard data set provided, while members also get Number Last Drawn data. This data can be displayed using alternate views (Standard, Sorted, Probability/Bell Curve) to aid your analysis. The O.W.N. Lotto software will also highlight the Most and Least Frequently drawn numbers for you.

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Latest Results using Number Frequency Data, Sorted Format, Members Version.

SmartPick is number selection software based on Chaos Theory. The members version additionally utilises Probability Theory to make number selections that are based on Number Frequency or Number Last Drawn data. The members version also allows control of the initial level of CHAOS used to make number selections.

My adaptation of Chaos Theory comes from the idea that "Chaos theory investigates a system by asking about the general character of its long-term behaviour." (Kellert, Stephen. In the Wake of Chaos: Unpredictable Order in Synamical Systems. Chicago, Ill.: The University of Chicago Press. 1993. P. 3) By drawing upon historical lotto data and applying chaotic behaviour principles I have created SmartPick.

Click here to find out how to become a member and enjoy the full featured software today!!

Free Lotto Software, SmartPick
O.W.N. SmartPick using Number Frequency Data, Members Version.

How does it work? Well chaos theory dictates that minor changes can cause huge fluctuations. Thus I apply a degree of chaos (a random effect) to the initial state, and each bounce of the ball used to select numbers. Another concept of chaos theory is that while it is impossible to exactly predict the state of a system, it is generally quite possible to model the overall behaviour of that system. So instead of looking for strict equations conforming to the lotto statistical data, I have created a dynamic system with behaviour similar in nature to that statistical data. This is where the probability theory comes in. By restricting the initial start position of each ball, this in turn increases the probability that the ball will fall towards the middle of the screen. This models the behaviour of the lotto data when it is sorted in my probability format. Hence for example with the Number Frequency data set, numbers that have appeared more times in past draws are more likely to be selected by SmartPick. Those numbers with a low draw frequency may still be picked, but the probability is much lower that this will happen.

Well that's how it works. If nothing else SmartPick provides a unique and fun method for picking your lotto numbers. If you have success with this software, please let us know.

The table below outlines the O.W.N. Lotto System. Technically it is a set of strategies that combine to assist number selection while making full use of the software on this web site. Comments in this section assume you have paid to become a member of this web site and thus have access to the full featured versions of the O.W.N. Lotto Software and O.W.N. SmartPick.

Use a full spread of Numbers. Many lotto players only use part of the number range available. For example if you only pick birth dates, you limit yourself to the number range 1-31. What about 32-45? Take a look at this weeks results using the OWN Lotto Software (set SHOW=Latest Results, DISPLAY=Standard). Most weeks you will see that the numbers drawn are spread from low (less than 10), right through to high (greater than 35). Now set SHOW=User Choice, click the mouse cursor in the SELECTION number entry box, and type in your lotto numbers separated by spaces. Then click the "Show User Choice" button with the mouse cursor. Are your numbers spread to take advantage of the full number range? Now you have a way to tell. Remember that members can enter up to 40 User Choice entries, so you can enter all your favourite numbers to visualise how best to combine them. I use this technique to pick a spread of numbers from high to low, and to determine how best to combine my numbers in each game.
Number Frequency. Some people don't believe in using number frequency, however I do. With the OWN Lotto Software, set USING=Number Frequency and DISPLAY=Sorted. These settings easily let you see which are the most frequently drawn numbers and which are not. Use the User Choice option to see how your numbers fare. Usually the Latest Results option shows that a spread of numbers from those most frequently drawn, to those least frequently drawn appear in weekly results. I use this technique to ensure my numbers are spread evenly over the number frequency range.
Number Last Drawn. This data lets you know how long it has been since a particular number was last drawn. Set the OWN Lotto option USING=Number Last Drawn and DISPLAY=Probability (I prefer the probability view of this data but Sorted works just as well). The centre of the probability display shows those numbers that have not been drawn for the longest time. Here again I prefer to use an even spread of numbers. Often one or two of the numbers from this weeks draw will be drawn again next week. Generally you will also find that a few of the numbers that have not been out for many weeks will appear in the next draw.
SmartPick. SmartPick (the members version) displays and uses Number Frequency and Number Last Drawn data to pick lotto numbers for you. First decide which of these data sets you wish to use (you can change it while numbers are being picked if you wish). The default is Frequency SP which is the Number Frequency SmartPick (SP) option. Then put the mouse cursor over the Pick menu and click the left mouse button to set how many numbers you want SmartPick to pick for you. Select Pick 6 to have SmartPick pick the six numbers required for a standard lotto game entry. Now set the level of chaos you wish to use while SmartPick picks numbers. The default setting is SmartPick, which applies ZERO CHAOS to the initial starting position of the number selection ball, while a chaos factor is still applied to every bounce of the number selection ball. This setting means the numbers with the highest probability of being selected are those in the middle of the screen (ie- the most frequently drawn numbers are those SmartPick is most likely to pick). A chaos setting of CHAOS 25% means that not only is a chaos factor applied to every bounce of the number selection ball, but also to the initial starting position of the ball. The larger the chaos factor, the more likely SmartPick will pick the less frequently drawn numbers towards the edges of the display. Finally, click the START button. Easy.

All materials and content on this Web site are Copyright © 1999-2000 John Wiese, All Rights Reserved.

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