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Q: Why should I pay to get access to your members section?
A: Simple, to get access to the members version of SmartPick. We have had very positive feedback from people for three main reasons:
  • SmartPick is FUN to use each week to pick at least some of your lotto numbers.
  • Second, ever seen the lotto results and thought I'd never have picked those numbers!! Well maybe SmartPick would have, as it is not influenced by your number preferences.
  • At only $10 for a years membership, anyone can afford to give it a try.
Click here to find out how to become a member and enjoy O.W.N. SmartPick today.

Q: What are the best settings for the members version of O.W.N. SmartPick?
A: We recommend using Chaos 50% with the Number Frequency or Number Last Drawn data set. Since we have been recording statistics for SmartPick, the Chaos 50% setting has been significantly more successful at picking numbers drawn, when compared to numbers I personally picked (ie- my favourite numbers). For example, if one of my favourite numbers comes up, SmartPick has usually picked 2 or 3 of the numbers drawn that same week.

Q: Where are instructions for using your software?
A: For information on how to use our software see the bottom of our OVERVIEW page.

Q: Do I have to download your software? Where is your download page?
A: No, you don't have to download anything. Our software runs directly through your browser. Try going to our O.W.N. SmartPick web page. Initially you will see a grey area on the page. After about 45 seconds our software will automatically load into your browser and you should see the grey replaced by a colourful display with a START button on it. Move your mouse pointer over the Start button and click your left mouse button to start the software.

Q: What version Web Browser do I need to access your software?
A: We recommend visitors use Netscape Version 4.0 or above or Internet Exporer 3.0 or above. To find out what version Browser you are currently using, on your Browser's main menu select
Help then About Netscape/Internet Explorer.

For those interested, here is some lotto trivia for you:

  • Did you know that on average you will find two Consecutive Numbers in 9 out of every 10 lotto draws!! TIP: Consider adding a pair of consecutive numbers to your number selections.

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