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4001Quad 2-input Nor Gate$0.65
4002Dual 4-input Nor Gate$0.65
400618-bit Static Shift Register$1.10
4007Dual Complimen Pair + Inverter$0.80
40084-bit Full Adder$1.10
4009Hex Inverting Buffer$1.10
401028-bit Synch/bcd Down Counter$1.10
401038 Bit Binary Down Counter$1.10
40106BPHex Schmitt Triggers Rohs$0.65
4011Quad 2-input Nand Gate Rohs$0.65
40110Decade Up/down Counter/latch$1.10
4012Dual 4-input Nand Gate$0.65
4013Dual D-type Flip/flop$0.65
4015Dual 4-bit Static Shift Reg$1.10
4016Quad Analog Switch/multiplexer$0.80
4017Decade Counter/divider Rohs$0.65
4018Presetable Divide-n-counter$0.80
4019Quad And/or Select Gate$1.10
40192Sync Up/down Counter (bcd)$0.99
402014-bit Binary Counter$0.80
40218-bit Static Shift Register$0.80
4022Octal Counter/divider$0.65
4023Triple 3-input Nand Gate$0.65
4024Binary 7-stage Ripple Up Counter$0.90
4025Triple 3-input Nor Gate$0.65
4026Decade Counter Divider$1.10
4027Dual Jk Flip/flop$0.80
4028Bcd To Decimal Decoder$0.90
40294-bit Preset Up/down Counter$0.90
4030Quad Ex-or Gate$0.90
403164 Stage Static Shift Register$1.10
4038Triple Serial Adder (neg Log)$1.10
404012 Stage Binary Counter$0.90
4042Quad Transparent Latch$0.90
4043Quad Nor R-s Latch$0.80
4044Quad Nand R-s Latch$0.90
4046Phase Locked Loop$1.10
4047M'stable/astable Multivibrator$1.10
4048Expandable 8 Input Gate$1.10
4049Hex Inverter Buffer$0.65
4050Hex Buffer$0.80
40518 Channel Analog Multiplexer$0.65
4052Dual 4-channel Analog Mux$0.65
4053Triple 2-channel Analog Mux$0.90
40544-seg Lcd Display Driver$1.10
4055Bcd To 7 Seg Decoder/lcd Driver$1.10
4059Program Divide By N-counter$6.60
406014 Stage Counter + Oscillater ( Ti )$0.66
40634-bit Magnitude Comparator$1.10
4066Quad Analog Switch$0.65
4067Single 16 Channel Mux/demux$3.00
40688-input Nand/and Gate (cd4068be Only)$0.65
4069Hex Inverter$0.65
4070Quad Exclusive Or Gate$0.65
4071Quad 2-input Or Gate$0.65
4072Dual 4-input Or Gate$0.65
4073Triple 3-input And Gate$0.65
4075Triple 3-input Or Gate$0.65
4076Quad D-type Register$0.90
4077Quad Exclusive Nor Gate$0.80
40788-input Nor Gate$0.65
4081Quad 2-input And Gate$0.65
4082Dual 4-input And Gate$0.65
4085Dual 2-wide 2-in And/or Gate$0.65
4086Ex 4 By 2 And-or-invert Gate$0.65
4093Quad 2-input Nand/schmitt Trig$0.65
40948-bit Bus-comp Latch$1.10
4098Dual M'stable Multivibrator$1.30
4160Decade Counter = 74c160$1.00
4161Binary Counter = 74c161$1.00
4162Decade Counter = 74c162$1.00
4163Binary Counter = 74c163$1.00
41944-bit Bidirectional Universal Shift Register = 40194$1.00
4408Binary To Pulse Converter$1.00
4409Binary To Pulse Converter$1.00
4411Baud-rate Frequency Generator$5.50
4417Pcm Time Slot Assigner$1.00
4490Hex Contact Bounce Eliminator$4.00
4497Pcm Remote Control Transmitter$1.00
4502Strobed Hex Inverter/buffer$1.10
450269 Bit Encoder ( =sc41342 )$2.55
450279 Bit Decoder (= Sc41343)$2.55
4503Hex Tri-state Buffer$0.90
4504Hex Ttl-to-cmos Level Shifter Rohs$1.00
4506Dual Expandable And-or-invert$1.00
4508Dual 4-bit Latch 24 Pin Dil Pack$4.95
4510Bcd Up/down Counter$1.40
4511Bcd To 7-seg Latch/decod/drive$1.00
45128 Channel Data Selecter$1.30
45144 Bit Latch 4/16 Line Decoder Outputs 0$2.20
45154 Bit Latch 4/16 Line Decoder Outputs 1$2.20
4516Binary Up/down Counter$1.30
4518Dual Bcd Up Counter$1.10
45194 Bit And/or Selector$1.00
4520Dual Binary Up Counter$0.90
452124-stage Frequency Divider$1.30
4522Programable Divide-n-counter$1.30
4526Programable Divide-n-counter$1.32
4527Bcd Rate Multiplier$1.00
4528Dual Monostable Multivibrator$0.70
4530Dual 5-in Majority Logic Gate$1.00
453112-bit Parity Tree$1.00
45328 Input Priority Encoder$1.30
4536Programmable Timer$1.30
4538Dual Precision Monostable Multivibrator Rohs$0.70
4539Dual 4-input Multiplexer$1.00
45406Mc145406n Transceiver$2.40
4541Programmable Oscillator Timer$0.90
4543Bcd 7s Latch/decoder/driver$1.00
45533 Digit Bcd Counter$1.00
4555Dual Binary To 1 Of 4 Decoder$1.00
4556Dual Binary To 1 Of 4 Decoder$1.00
45571 To 64 Variable Length S/reg$1.00
4559Successive Approxim Register$1.00
45619's Complementer$1.00
4566Industrial Time Base Generator$1.00
4568Phase Comparator Prog Counter$1.10
4572Hex Gate$0.90
4582Carry Lookahead Generator$1.10
4583Dual Schmitt Trigger$0.65
4584Hex Schmitt Trigger$0.80
45854-bit Magnitude Comparator (same 40085)$1.10
45988-bit Bus Compatible Latch$1.00
4702Buad Rate Generator$6.00
CD4050BCMHex Buffer Non-inverting Smd$0.55
HEF40106BTHex Schmitt Trigger 14 Pin Soics Rohs Smd$0.40
HEF4049BTHex Inverter Buffer Smd$0.77
MC14538BDDual Precision Mono Mult Smd$0.88
200W (1)
4000 Series (128)
7400 Series ICs (26)
74C00 Series (25)
74F00 Series (35)
74HC00 Series (92)
74HCT00 Series (56)
74LS00 Series (129)
74S00 Series ICs (39)
Aerosol Spray Packs (7)
Batteries & Chargers (11)
Bi-Polar Electrolytic (10)
Boxes\Enclosures (66)
Bridge Rectifiers (16)
Buzzers & Speakers (5)
Cables Audio (13)
Cables Misc (66)
Cables Telephone (3)
Cables Video (20)
Ceramic Capacitors (64)
Comparators (13)
Computer & Network Bits (17)
Connectors (194)
Crystals/Oscillators (64)
Dallas iButtons (4)
Diodes (34)
Displays (17)
Electrolytic Capacitors (49)
Electrolytic Low ESR (29)
Fans & Fan Guards (36)
Field Effect Transistors (55)
Fuses (98)
Greencaps (31)
Hand Tools (10)
Hardware Aids (17)
Heatshrink Tubing (5)
Heatsinks (6)
IC Sockets (47)
IC Timers (8)
Light Dependent Resistors (1)
Light Emitting Diodes (39)
Mains Capacitors (9)
Memory ICs (68)
Microprocessors (61)
Miscellaneous ICs (155)
Monolithic Ceramic Caps (11)
Op-Amps & Power Amps (65)
Optocouplers (41)
PCB Boards+Accessories (28)
Polyester Capacitors (16)
Polyswitches (5)
Power Supplies (17)
Programmers & Adaptors (7)
RF Devices (14)
Relays (15)
Resistor 10 Watt (1)
Resistors 1 Watt (13)
Resistors 1/4W 5% (86)
Resistors 1/8 Watt 1% (67)
Resistors 2 Watt (18)
Resistors 5 Watt 5% (56)
Resistors Metal Film 1% (169)
Sil Resistor Networks (84)
Small Screws/Nuts (20)
Solder/Equipment (60)
Spacers Threaded (21)
Surface Mount Bridge Diode (1)
Surface Mount Capacitor (24)
Surface Mount Diode (4)
Surface Mount Fets (1)
Surface Mount Leds (8)
Surface Mount Logic Gate (2)
Surface Mount Resistors (122)
Surface Mount Transistor (12)
Surface Mount Zener Diode (4)
Switches (25)
Tantalum Caps (36)
Toroids (17)
Transformers (3)
Transistor Insulators (9)
Transistors NPN (99)
Transistors PNP (64)
Transmitter Receiver Modules (2)
Triac/Scr/Ujt (22)
Trimpots (97)
Varistors (4)
Voltage Regulators (104)
Zener Diodes & Transorbs (147)