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74LS00Quad-2 In-nand$0.55
74LS01Quad-2 In-nand-(oc)$0.65
74LS02Quad 2-input Nor Gate$0.65
74LS03Quad 2 Input Nand Gate O.c.$0.65
74LS08Quad-2 In-and$0.65
74LS09Quad-2 In-and-(oc)$0.65
74LS10Triple-3 Input- Nand Gate$0.65
74LS107Dual Jk Flip/flops$1.00
74LS109Dual Jk Flip/flops$1.32
74LS11Triple 3 Input And Gate$0.65
74LS112Dual Jk Flip/flops$0.90
74LS113Dual Jk Flip/flops$0.90
74LS122Retrig'able Mono Multivibrator$0.90
74LS123Dual Monostable Multivibrator$0.90
74LS125ANQuad Bus Buffer (tri-state)$0.90
74LS126Quad Bus Buffer (tri-state)$0.90
74LS13Dual Schmitt Trigger$0.65
74LS132Quad 2 Input Schmitt Trigger$0.80
74LS136Quad Ex-or Gate$0.80
74LS1383 To 8 Decoder$0.80
74LS139Dual 2 To 4 Decoder$0.80
74LS14Hex Schmitt Trigger$0.65
74LS145Bcd-to-dec Decoder Driver 0.c =7445$1.55
74LS14710-line Decimal To 4 Line Bcd Priority Encoder$2.20
74LS1488-line To 3-line Octal Encoder$1.55
74LS1511-of-8 Data Selector/mux$0.90
74LS153Dual 4-input Multiplexer$0.90
74LS155Dual 1-of-4 Decoder Demux$0.90
74LS157Quad 2 To 1 Data Selector/mux$0.90
74LS158Quad 2 To 1 Data Selector/mux$0.90
74LS1604-bit-decade Counter D/clear$1.10
74LS1614-bit Binary Counter D/clear$1.10
74LS1624-bit-decade Counter S/clear$1.10
74LS1634-bit Binary Counter S/clear$1.10
74LS1648 Bit Si/po Shift Register$1.10
74LS1658-bit Shift-register Par/load$1.10
74LS1668-bit Shift-register$1.10
74LS1684-bit Up/down Counter (decade)$1.10
74LS1694-bit Up/down Counter (binary)$1.10
74LS1704 X 4-register File$0.90
74LS1734-bit D-type Register$0.90
74LS174Hex D-type Flip/flop$0.90
74LS175Quad D-type Flip/flop$0.90
74LS191Sync Up/down Counter (binary)$1.10
74LS192Sync Up/down Counter (bcd)$1.10
74LS193Sync Up/down Counter (binary)$1.10
74LS1944-bit Bidirectional Shift Reg$1.76
74LS1954-bit Parall-access Shift Reg$1.10
74LS197Presetable Counter/latch(bin))$1.10
74LS20Dual 4-input Nand Gate$0.65
74LS21Dual 4-input And Gate$0.65
74LS221Dual Monostable/multivibrator$0.90
74LS240Tri-state Octal Buffer (inv)$1.10
74LS241Tri-state Octal Buffer$1.10
74LS243Quad Bus Transceiver$1.10
74LS244Tri-state Octal Buffer$1.10
74LS245Octal Bus Tranceiver$1.10
74LS253Dual Data Selector/multiplexer$0.90
74LS257Quad Data Selector/multiplexer$0.90
74LS258Quad Data Selector/mux (inv)$0.90
74LS26Quad 2-input Nand 15v Out$0.65
74LS260Dual 5 Input Nor Gate$1.00
74LS266Quad 2 Input Ex-nor (oc)$1.00
74LS27Tri-3in-nor Gate$0.65
74LS2730ctal D-type Flip/flop$1.10
74LS279Quad S-r Latch$1.10
74LS290Decade Counter$1.00
74LS2934-bit Binary Counters$1.00
74LS2998-bit Universal Shift Register$2.00
74LS308 Input-nand$0.65
74LS32Quad-2in-or Gate$0.65
74LS321"crystal Controlled Osc 1to 20 Meg, 2 Phase Outputs"$2.20
74LS3228-bit Shift Reg/sign Extend$1.00
74LS3238-bit Bi-direct Univ Shift Reg$1.00
74LS33Quad 2 Input Nor Buffer (oc)$0.65
74LS353Dual 4-to-1 Data Select Mux$0.90
74LS365ATri-state Hex Bus Driver$1.00
74LS366Tri-state Hex Bus Driver (inv)$1.00
74LS368Tri-state Hex Bus Driver (inv)$1.00
74LS37Quad 2 Input Nand Buffer$0.90
74LS373Octal D-type Latches Tri-state$1.00
74LS374Octal D-type Flip/flop 3-state$1.00
74LS3754-bit Bistable Latch$1.00
74LS377Octal D-type Flip/flop$1.30
74LS378Hex D-type Flip/flop$1.30
74LS379Quad D-type Flip/flop$1.30
74LS38Quad-2in-nand-buffer O.c.$0.65
74LS386Quad 2-in Exor Gate$1.00
74LS390Dual Decade Counter$1.00
74LS393Dual 4-bit Binary Counter$1.00
74LS3954-bit Unversal Shift Register$0.90
74LS40Dual 4 Input Nand Buffer$0.65
74LS424 To 10 Line Decoder$1.10
74LS47Bcd-7 Segment Decoder Driver$1.30
74LS51And Or Invert Gates 2 X 2$0.65
74LS54And-or-invert Gates 4-wide$0.65
74LS540Tri-state Octal Buffer (inv)$1.55
74LS541Tri-state Octal Buffer$1.55
74LS55And-or-invert Gates 2-wide$0.65
74LS5908 Bit Bin Count W/output Reg's$2.20
74LS592Bin Counter W/output Reg (3st)$2.20
74LS5938 Bit Bin Count W/input Reg's$2.20
74LS5958 Bit Shift Reg Tri-state$2.20
74LS5978 Bit Store Latch$2.20
74LS5988 Bit S/reg With Input Reg's$2.20
74LS625Dual V.c.o Two Phase Outputs$2.20
74LS628Single V.c.o.$2.20
74LS629Dual V.c.o.$2.20
74LS640Octal Bus Transc 3-state (inv)$1.30
74LS645Octal Bus Transceiver$1.30
74LS645-1Octal Bus Transceiver Iol 48ma$1.30
74LS669Syncronous 4 Bit Binary U/d Counter$1.10
74LS6704 X 4 Register Files Tri-state$1.10
74LS6828 Bit Magnitude Comparator$2.00
74LS6888-bit Magnitude Comparator$2.00
74LS74Dual D-type Flip/flop$0.65
74LS754-bit Bistable Latches$0.65
74LS76Dual Jk F/flops + Preset & Clear$1.30
74LS854-bit Magnitude Comparators$0.90
74LS86Quad 2 Input Ex-or Gate$0.65
74LS90Decade Counters$1.00
74LS918 Bit Shift Register Serial-in Serial-out$1.65
74LS934-bit Binary Counters$1.00
74LS965 Bit Shift Register$2.20
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4000 Series (128)
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Resistors 1/8 Watt 1% (67)
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Resistors 5 Watt 5% (56)
Resistors Metal Film 1% (169)
Sil Resistor Networks (84)
Small Screws/Nuts (20)
Solder/Equipment (60)
Spacers Threaded (21)
Surface Mount Bridge Diode (1)
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Surface Mount Logic Gate (2)
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Surface Mount Zener Diode (4)
Switches (25)
Tantalum Caps (36)
Toroids (17)
Transformers (3)
Transistor Insulators (9)
Transistors NPN (99)
Transistors PNP (64)
Transmitter Receiver Modules (2)
Triac/Scr/Ujt (22)
Trimpots (97)
Varistors (4)
Voltage Regulators (104)
Zener Diodes & Transorbs (147)