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73M223-CPModem 1200 Baud Fsk V23 (same Ssi73m223)$8.80
75150Dual Line Driver$1.76
75154Quad Line Receiver$2.75
75162Octal Gpib Transceiver$5.50
75172Quad Diff Line Driver 422/485$2.75
75173Quad Diff Receiver Rs-422/485$2.75
75174Rs485/422 Quad Line Receiver$2.75
75175Rs485/422 Quad Line Driver$2.75
75452Dual Peripheral Driver$1.35
75491Mos-to-led Quad Segment Driver 14 Pin Dip$3.00
8237A-5D.m.a. Controller$4.40
82C51ACmos Usart Dip Pack$5.50
82C54Prog Interval Timer (8253)$6.60
AD557JN8 Bit Up-compatable Dac +/- 1/2 Lsb$12.45
AD7501JNCmos 8 Channel Analog Mux$13.20
AD75248 Bit Multiplying D/a Converter =tlc7524 Dip 16$5.50
ADC0804Mpu Compat 8 Bit A/d$6.60
ADC08098 Bit A/d + 8 Chan Mux 1/2 Lsb$8.80
ADC0820CCNA/d Converter +track & Hold$6.60
ADC08448 Bit A/d Conv+ 4 Channel Mux$8.80
ADG506ACJ16 Channel (1of16) Cmos Analog Mux$6.60
AM26LS30=ds3691n Rs-422/423 Line Driver$4.40
AM26LS31Line Driver Rs-422 Tri-state$2.00
AM26LS32Receiver Rs-422/423 Tri-state$2.00
AM26LS33Line Receiver Tri-state$2.00
CDP68HC68Real Time Clock + Ram + Power Sense/control$4.40
DAC0800LCN8-bit D/a Converter$2.00
DAC08308-bit D/a Converter Fsr 0.05%$5.50
DAC08328-bit D/a Converter Fsr 0.2%$5.50
DS0026CN1.5a (peak) Dual Mosfet Driver Invert=tsc426$2.20
DS12C887AReal Time Clock + Ram (y2k Ok)$15.40
DS1302Real Time Clock$6.05
DS1305Serial Alarm/real Time Clock$6.60
DS1307+Real Time Clock Rohs$6.05
DS14C88Cmos Rs-232 Quad Driver$1.10
DS14C89Cmos Rs-232 Quad Receiver$1.10
DS1620Digital Thermometer/thermostat$9.90
DS1821Programmable Digital Thermostat -55 To +125 Deg C$9.80
DS18B20+I-wire Digital Thermometer Program Resolution Rohs$7.70
DS2450S1-wire Quad A/d Converter 8 Pin Smd Soic$12.00
DS275"8 Pin Line Powered Rs-232 (no Caps) Tx,rx"$5.50
DS34C87Quad Rs 422 Driver Tri/s Cmos$1.60
GAL16V8D-10LPElect Erase Cmos Array 10 Nsec$2.20
GAL16V8D-15LJG A L Plcc Pack 15 Nsec$1.60
GAL16V8D-15LPElect Erase Cmos Array 15 Nsec Rohs$1.80
GAL18V10B15LPElect Erase Cmos Array 15 Nsec$7.70
GAL20V8B-15LPElect Erase Cmos Array 15 Nsec$4.40
GAL22V10D10LPElect Erase Cmos Array 10 Nsec$7.70
HC3-5504-5Pabx Subscriber Line Interface Circuit 24 Pin$5.50
HIP4082IPQuad Fet Drivers H-bridge High Side1.25a 80v Dip$8.80
ICL7106CPL3 1/2 Digit A/d Converter Lcd Drive$5.50
ICL7107CPL3 1/2 Digit A/d Converter Led Drive$4.40
ICL7109CPL12 Bit Up-compatibl A/d Conver$12.10
ICL7135CPI3-1/2 Digit Bcd Out A/d Conver$4.95
ICL7660SCPANegative Voltage Converter 1.5 To 12 V Rohs$1.40
ICL7662CPA+Negative Voltage Converter 4.5 To 20 V Rohs$4.40
ICL7665SCPACmos Over/under Volt Detector$4.85
ICL7667CPA1.5a (peak) Dual Mosfet Driver Inverting$2.20
KTY81-110Temp Sensor 990 To 1010 Ohm 2pin To-92$1.30
L293B-LFPush Pull 4 Channel Drivers 1amp Ea$5.80
L297/1Stepper Motor Controller$6.60
L298NDual Full Bridge Driver (multiwatt15 Vert. )$6.60
LM1881NVideo Sync Generator$6.60
LM2917N-14Frequency To Voltage Converter$2.75
LM2917N-8Frequency To Voltage Converter$2.42
LM3046NTransistor Array$2.20
LM329BZPrecision Reference 6.9 Volt 15ppm To-92$3.00
LM331NVolts To Frequency Converter Rohs$3.30
LM335ZTemperature Sensor$3.00
LM336Z-2.5Precision Reference 2.5 Volt$1.40
LM336Z-5Precision Reference 5 Volt$1.40
LM35DZCentigrade Temp Sensor 0-100c$2.65
LM385ZPrecision Ref Adjustable$1.30
LM385Z-1.2Precision Reference 1.2 Volt$1.30
LM385Z-2.5Precision Reference 2.5 Volt$1.30
LM565CNPhase Locked Loop (same As Ne565)$4.00
LT1785ACN8PBFRs485 Transceiver +/- 60v Fault Tolerance$6.60
MAX1555EZK+Dual Input Usb/ac 1-cell Li+ Battery Charger$2.20
MAX202CPEDual Rs232 Uses O.1uf Caps +5v Dip 16$3.30
MAX231CPDDual Rs232 Tx's & Rx's +5v +12$4.95
MAX232CPE+Dual Rs232 Tx's & Rx's +5v Rohs$3.30
MAX238CNG+5v Rs232 4 Drivers/receivers$4.40
MAX242CPN5v Rs-232 Transceiver$5.50
MAX3232CSEDual Rs232 Tx's & Rx's +3v To +5v5 Smd$4.40
MAX485CPARs-485/422transceiver 2.5mbps Half Duplex 8 Pin$3.30
MAX485CSARs-485/422trans 2.5mbps Half Duplex Smd 8 Pin$3.30
MAX487ECPARs-485/422 Transceiver 250kbps Half Duplex 8 Pin$4.40
MAX491CPD+Rs-485/422 Transceiver 2.5mbps Full Duplex 14 Pin$4.40
MAX497CPEQuad Video Buffer 375 Meg Bandwidth$18.00
MAX8212CPA+Cpu Voltage Monitor+programmable Voltage Detect$5.20
MC1374T.v. Modulator Circuit$2.20
MC1377Rgb To Pal/ntsc Encoder$2.20
MC1403AU"precision 2.5 Voltage Reference, Ceramic Pack"$2.20
MC146805E2Cmos 6805 No Rom C.p.u.$9.90
MC1488PQuad Line Driver Rs232 Same Sn75188$0.80
MC1489APGQuad Line Receiver Rs232 Same Sn75189$0.80
MC3486Quad Rs422 423 Line Receiver$1.10
MC3487Quad Rs-422 Driver:tri-state$1.10
MC6840PProgrammable Timer$3.30
MC68B03P8 Bit Cpu$24.20
MC68B40PProgrammable Timer 2 Meg$4.40
MC68B45PC.r.t. Controller 2 Meg =ef68b50cp$9.90
MCP4812-E/PDual 10 Bit Dac (rail To Rail) 20 Meg 8 Pin Dip$4.95
MM58167Real Time Clock$11.00
MSM5832Real Time Clock/cal Chip$5.50
MT8870DEComplete Dtmf Receiver$3.30
NE56450 Meg Phase-locked Loop Ttl Compatible$3.00
PCA9554D8 Bit I2c&smbus I/o Port Expand So16$3.85
PCF8574PRemote 8-bit 1/o Expand 16 Pin Dip Rohs$4.40
PCF8583PClock Calender+256x8bit Ram$4.40
PLS173N"programmable Logic Array, 22*42*10 24 Pin Dip"$3.30
RTC62421ASeiko Real Time Clock$8.00
S8054HN"lo-voltage Detector, 3.8-4.20v Nch Open-drain"$1.30
SCN2651-28Prog Communications Interace$8.80
SCN2661ACEnhanced Prog Comm's Interface$8.80
SCN2661BCEnhanced Prog Comm's Interface$8.80
TC4420CPA6a (peak) Single Mosfet Driver Non-inverting$2.75
TC4427CPA1.5a (peak) Dual Mosfet Driver Non-inverting$2.20
TC4428CPA1.5a (peak) Dual Mosfet Driver Invert+non-invert$2.20
TD62308Quad 1.5 Amp Darlington Driver$3.30
TEA3717Stepper Motor Driver 5 To 1000ma$5.50
TL16C550CNSingle Uart With 16-byte Fifos$8.80
TLC542CN8 Bit Serial A/d +12 Chan Mux$4.40
TLC549CP8 Bit Serial A/d 17 Usec 3-6v$3.85
TMP101NA/250Digital Temp Sensor With Serial 2-wire Sot23-6 Pack$4.25
TMS320C10NL16/32 Bit Dig Sig Processor$5.50
UA9636Dual Prog Rs-423 Line Driver$2.75
UA9637Dual Diff Rs-423 Line Rx$2.75
UA9638Dual Hi-speed Rs-423 Driver$2.75
UC3906Single Chip Battery Charger$12.10
UCN5801Bimos 8 Latch Driver$6.15
UCN5810AF10 Bit Serial-in Latched Driver$4.30
UCN5841A8-bit Serial-in Latched Driver$6.60
UDN2580A8 Channel Source Driver$4.95
UDN2585A8 Channel Source Driver$4.40
UDN2983A8 Channel Source Driver$3.30
UDN6118A8 Digit Fluorescent Display Driver$7.95
ULN2001A7 Channel Darlington Driver$1.10
ULN2002A7 Channel Darlington Driver$1.10
ULN2003AN7 Channel Darlington Driver$1.10
ULN2004A7 Channel Darlington Driver$1.10
ULN2068BQuad Darlington Switch 50v 1.5a$3.85
ULN2801A8-chan Darl Driver Cmos/pmos$1.65
ULN2802A8-chan Darl Driver 25 V Pmos$1.65
ULN2803A8-chan Darl Driver Ttl/cmos Rohs$1.65
ULN2804A8-chan Darl Driver 15 V Cmos$1.65
XR2207Voltage Controlled Oscillator$6.60
XR2212Precision Phase Locked Loop$8.25
Z841004PSCZ80a D.m.a. 4 Meg$8.80
Z843006PSCZ80b C.t.c. 6 Meg$5.50
Z844204PSCZ80a S.i.0. / 2 4 Meg$8.80
Z84C2006PECZ80b P.i.o Cmos 6 Meg$9.90
Z84C3010PECZ80b C.t.c Cmos 10 Meg$9.90
Z84C4010PECZ80c Sio/0 Cmos 10 Meg$11.00
Z85C3008PSCZ80a Scc Cmos 8 Meg$13.20
200W (1)
4000 Series (128)
7400 Series ICs (26)
74C00 Series (25)
74F00 Series (35)
74HC00 Series (92)
74HCT00 Series (56)
74LS00 Series (129)
74S00 Series ICs (39)
Aerosol Spray Packs (7)
Batteries & Chargers (11)
Bi-Polar Electrolytic (10)
Boxes\Enclosures (66)
Bridge Rectifiers (16)
Buzzers & Speakers (5)
Cables Audio (13)
Cables Misc (66)
Cables Telephone (3)
Cables Video (20)
Ceramic Capacitors (64)
Comparators (13)
Computer & Network Bits (17)
Connectors (194)
Crystals/Oscillators (64)
Dallas iButtons (4)
Diodes (34)
Displays (17)
Electrolytic Capacitors (49)
Electrolytic Low ESR (29)
Fans & Fan Guards (36)
Field Effect Transistors (55)
Fuses (98)
Greencaps (31)
Hand Tools (10)
Hardware Aids (17)
Heatshrink Tubing (5)
Heatsinks (6)
IC Sockets (47)
IC Timers (8)
Light Dependent Resistors (1)
Light Emitting Diodes (39)
Mains Capacitors (9)
Memory ICs (68)
Microprocessors (61)
Miscellaneous ICs (155)
Monolithic Ceramic Caps (11)
Op-Amps & Power Amps (65)
Optocouplers (41)
PCB Boards+Accessories (28)
Polyester Capacitors (16)
Polyswitches (5)
Power Supplies (17)
Programmers & Adaptors (7)
RF Devices (14)
Relays (15)
Resistor 10 Watt (1)
Resistors 1 Watt (13)
Resistors 1/4W 5% (86)
Resistors 1/8 Watt 1% (67)
Resistors 2 Watt (18)
Resistors 5 Watt 5% (56)
Resistors Metal Film 1% (169)
Sil Resistor Networks (84)
Small Screws/Nuts (20)
Solder/Equipment (60)
Spacers Threaded (21)
Surface Mount Bridge Diode (1)
Surface Mount Capacitor (24)
Surface Mount Diode (4)
Surface Mount Fets (1)
Surface Mount Leds (8)
Surface Mount Logic Gate (2)
Surface Mount Resistors (122)
Surface Mount Transistor (12)
Surface Mount Zener Diode (4)
Switches (25)
Tantalum Caps (36)
Toroids (17)
Transformers (3)
Transistor Insulators (9)
Transistors NPN (99)
Transistors PNP (64)
Transmitter Receiver Modules (2)
Triac/Scr/Ujt (22)
Trimpots (97)
Varistors (4)
Voltage Regulators (104)
Zener Diodes & Transorbs (147)