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CA3130EBi-mos Op-amp Mini Dip$2.00
CA3140EBi-mos Op-amp Mini Dip$1.65
CA3160EBimos Op-amp +/- 8v Dip 8 Pack$3.00
CA3240EZDual Bimos Op-amp Dip 8 Pin Rohs$2.20
CA3401Quad Op-amp Single Supply Dip$2.20
LF347Quad Jfet Op-amp Dip$2.20
LF351Wideband Jfet Op-amp Min Dip$1.10
LF353Wideband Jfet Op-amp Dual$1.20
LF355Lo-current Jfet Op-amp Min Dip$1.55
LF356Wideband Jfet Op-amp Min Dip$1.55
LF357Wideband Jfet Op-amp Decomp$1.55
LF398NMonolithic Sample And Hold$3.00
LM10CNOp-amp And Voltage Reference$3.85
LM2901DQuad Comparator Surface Mount$0.45
LM2902NQuad Lo Power Op Amp Dip$0.90
LM2904NLo-power Dual Op-amp$0.65
LM301ANOp Amp Mini Dip$0.88
LM307NOp-amp Mini Dip$1.10
LM318NHi Speed Op Amp Mini Dip$2.40
LM324DQuad Op Amp 14 Pin Smd Soic Rohs$0.44
LM324NQuad Op Amp 14 Pin Dip$0.65
LM346CNLo-power Quad Prog Op-amp Dip$2.20
LM348NQuad 741 Dip$1.30
LM358DDual Lo Pwr Op-amp Smd$0.66
LM358PDual Lo Power Op Amp Mini Dip$0.65
LM380N-8Audio Power Amp Mini Dip$1.54
LM382NDual Lo-noise Pre-amp Dip$2.20
LM386N-1Lo-noise Power-amp Mini Dip$0.75
LM3900Quad Norton Op Amp 14 Pin Dip Pack$1.30
LM725CNInstrumentation Op Amp Minidip$6.60
LM741CNOp Amp Mini Dip$0.44
LM747CHDual Op-amp 10 Pin Round Can Type$1.10
LM833NDual Audio Op-amp$1.10
LMC660CNCmos Quad Op-amp +5 To +15v$2.40
MC33172PGDual Op-amp Single Supply 3 To 44v I/o 2mv$1.32
MC3403Quad Op Amp Single Supply Dip$2.20
MC34071APOp-amp Single Supply 3 To 44v Input Offset 3mv$1.30
MC34074PQuad Op-amp Single Supply 3 To 44v I/o 3mv$2.75
NE5532APDual Lo-noise Op-amp Mini Dip$1.55
NE5534APOp-amp Low Noise Mini Dip$1.80
OP07CPUltra Lo Offset Op-amp Min Dip$3.30
OP77GP"lo-offset,power Op-amp Min Dip"$3.00
OPA2134PAHi Performance Dual Audio Op-amp +/-2.5v To 18v$4.00
OPA277PAUltra Precision Single Op-amp +/-2.0v To 18v$3.30
RC4136Quad Op Amp Dip$1.30
RC4558Dual Hi Freq Op-amp Mini Dip$0.90
SSM2018TPTrimless Voltage Controlled Amp$11.00
SSM2019BNSelf Contained Audio Pre-amp (replaces Ssm2017)$5.50
TBA820MAudio Amp 1 Watt 8 Pin Dip$1.00
TDA20028 Watt Audio Amp$2.20
TDA2003V10 Watt Audio Amp$2.75
TDA2005R20w Bridge Amp 8v To 18v Supply$4.40
TDA200610 Watt Audio Amp$3.30
TDA2030AV18 Watt Hi Fi Amp$3.30
TDA7052A1w Btl Mono Amp 3 - 18 Volt 8 Pin$2.40
TLC27L2ACPDual Op-amp Vio 5mv Supply 3-16v$1.30
TLC27L4CNQuad Op-amp Single Supply$2.65
TLO-62Jfet Op-amp Lo-noise Dual Mdip$0.65
TLO-64Jfet Op-amp Lo-noise Quad Dip 14$1.00
TLO-71Jfet Op-amp Lo-noise Mini Dip$0.55
TLO-72CPJfet Op Amp Lo-noise Dual 8 Pin Dip$0.65
TLO-74Jfet Op Amp Lo-noise Quad Dip 14$1.00
TLO-81Jfet Op-amp Lo-power Mini Dip$0.55
TLO-82Jfet Op-amp Lo-power Dual Mdip$0.65
TLO-84Jfet Op-amp Lo-power Quad Dip 14$1.00
200W (1)
4000 Series (128)
7400 Series ICs (26)
74C00 Series (25)
74F00 Series (35)
74HC00 Series (92)
74HCT00 Series (56)
74LS00 Series (129)
74S00 Series ICs (39)
Aerosol Spray Packs (7)
Batteries & Chargers (11)
Bi-Polar Electrolytic (10)
Boxes\Enclosures (66)
Bridge Rectifiers (16)
Buzzers & Speakers (5)
Cables Audio (13)
Cables Misc (66)
Cables Telephone (3)
Cables Video (20)
Ceramic Capacitors (64)
Comparators (13)
Computer & Network Bits (17)
Connectors (194)
Crystals/Oscillators (64)
Dallas iButtons (4)
Diodes (34)
Displays (17)
Electrolytic Capacitors (49)
Electrolytic Low ESR (29)
Fans & Fan Guards (36)
Field Effect Transistors (55)
Fuses (98)
Greencaps (31)
Hand Tools (10)
Hardware Aids (17)
Heatshrink Tubing (5)
Heatsinks (6)
IC Sockets (47)
IC Timers (8)
Light Dependent Resistors (1)
Light Emitting Diodes (39)
Mains Capacitors (9)
Memory ICs (68)
Microprocessors (61)
Miscellaneous ICs (155)
Monolithic Ceramic Caps (11)
Op-Amps & Power Amps (65)
Optocouplers (41)
PCB Boards+Accessories (28)
Polyester Capacitors (16)
Polyswitches (5)
Power Supplies (17)
Programmers & Adaptors (7)
RF Devices (14)
Relays (15)
Resistor 10 Watt (1)
Resistors 1 Watt (13)
Resistors 1/4W 5% (86)
Resistors 1/8 Watt 1% (67)
Resistors 2 Watt (18)
Resistors 5 Watt 5% (56)
Resistors Metal Film 1% (169)
Sil Resistor Networks (84)
Small Screws/Nuts (20)
Solder/Equipment (60)
Spacers Threaded (21)
Surface Mount Bridge Diode (1)
Surface Mount Capacitor (24)
Surface Mount Diode (4)
Surface Mount Fets (1)
Surface Mount Leds (8)
Surface Mount Logic Gate (2)
Surface Mount Resistors (122)
Surface Mount Transistor (12)
Surface Mount Zener Diode (4)
Switches (25)
Tantalum Caps (36)
Toroids (17)
Transformers (3)
Transistor Insulators (9)
Transistors NPN (99)
Transistors PNP (64)
Transmitter Receiver Modules (2)
Triac/Scr/Ujt (22)
Trimpots (97)
Varistors (4)
Voltage Regulators (104)
Zener Diodes & Transorbs (147)