pdaXii13 for Zaurus SL-C1000 (akita)

  also for SL-C3100 and SL-C3200

These files are for installing pdaXii13 base. Use at your own risk. Ensure you know how to restore a working distro before attempting to flash this in case it does not work out for you or you want to revert back to your previous distro.

pdaXii13 Akita (Sally)

For more information about pdaXii13 go here.

This is a special version of pdaXii13 called pdaXii13 Akita or Sally. pdaXii13 Akita runs from the internal NAND instead of the internal MicroDrive unlike the original pdaXii13 version aka pdaXii13 Spitz or Alice. pdaXii13 Akita is also known as pdaXii13 Akita base and is essentially a bug fixed pdaXrom beta3 for SL-C1000/SL-C3100/SL-C3200.

pdaXii13 Akita (Sally) is functionally equivalent to pdaXii13 Spitz base. Both are bug fixed versions of pdaXrom 1.1.0 beta3 and thus all the packages compatible with beta3 are compatible with pdaXii13 and vice versa. The current build of pdaXii13 Akita (Sally) is 5.4.9

You can flash pdaXii13 Akita (Sally) just like you flash pdaXrom beta3 except you use the following files instead. Also, it is recommended to resize root to 121 if you want to be able to use zbackup to create a flashable snapshot (initrd.bin) file of your system for recovery. In order to do that you need to select Fix loader 64MB limit under the NAND Flash utils option.

Upsizing to pdaXii13 full

You can turn your pdaXii13 base install into a pdaXii13 full on a SL-C3100/SL-C3200 by formatting the MicroDrive and extracting the hdimage-full.tgz onto the MicroDrive. You can use the pdaXii13 Akita installer to partition your MicroDrive and extract the hdimage. With pdaXii13 Akita full, both your NAND and the MicroDrive will be used together. Everything is run from the NAND except for /usr where the bulk of the executables and binaries are located. /usr on the MicroDrive will be used instead of /usr on the NAND using the bind feature in mount. You will be asked to copy /home and /etc from the MicroDrive to the NAND during your first boot after the upgrade. The required hdimage-full.tgz is the same as the one used for pdaXii13 Spitz full.

When using the Upgrade feature in the installer, both the NAND and the HDD image will be patched to the latest patch release contained in pdaXii13-custom.tgz

Since the SL-C1000 does not have a MicroDrive, you will need to either install all the additional packages manually or use the experimental hdd emulation feature.

You can manually install all the extra packages installed in pdaXii13 full from the feed. A list of all the packages is available in ipk-batch-install.txt. ipk-batch-install.sh is a sample script which automates the batch install of all the additional packages. ipk-batch-install.tgz contains both ipk-batch-install.txt and ipk-batch-install.sh

SL-C3100 and SL-C3200 can also use the same method as SL-C1000 to install all the extra packages manually instead of using the pre-configured hdimage.

In order to use the hdimage on the SL-C1000, you will need to manually install the hdimage to a SD card. For that you will need to have a SD card with 2 partitions. The first partition needs to be FAT and the second partition needs to be ext2 with at least 600MB. The second partition will be automatically mounted as /mnt/card2 if you reboot or use the card applet. Once /mnt/card2 is mounted, extract everything from hdimage-full.tgz into /mnt/card2, then copy everything from /etc to /mnt/card2/hdd1/etc and /home to /mnt/card2/hdd1/home. After that, move everything from /mnt/card2/hdd1 to /mnt/card2. Following this, copy everything back from /mnt/card2/etc to /etc and /mnt/card2/home to /home. Finally, reboot.

If you create a swap file called swapfile on /mnt/card then it is automatically enabled as swap when you reboot or mount the SD card via the card applet. Also, when you eject the SD via the card applet, the swapfile is also automatically disabled for you.

Packages can be installed from pdaXrom beta3 compatible feeds. See here for hdimage files and feeds.

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