pdaXii13 for Zaurus SL-C3000

These files are for installing pdaXii13. Use at your own risk. Ensure you know how to restore a working distro before attempting to flash this in case it does not work out for you or you want to revert back to your previous distro.

The first stable pdaXii13 Spitz (Alice) release is build5.2 - see notes on build5.3.x for new features and updates.

build 5.3.x is an update of build 5.2 and upgrading can be achieved in two ways. The first method is to just flash build 5.3.x. This method is clean but you lose all your custom installed applications and settings. You do not need to repartition your MicroDrive for this and you can choose not to reformat hdd3 so you won't lose anything that is stored there, but hdd1 will get reformatted. The second method is to install the packages mentioned on the notes for build 5.3.x from the custom feed. This way, you won't loose any settings but it requires a bit more work.

For alpha/beta versions check here.

For development/build files and source files go here.

For pdaXii13 on NAND (pdaXii13 Akita) check here.

For more information about pdaXii13 go here.

updater/flash utility

kernel and updated bootloader

distro images for the microdrive

You need one of these hd images.

Make sure you are not using a browser that is too smart for its own good to download the hdimage because some of these smart browsers uncompress the tgz file for you which makes the downloaded file useless.

feeds for pdaXii13 and pdaXrom beta3

pdaXii13 is compatible with pdaXrom beta1/beta3 feeds.

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