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D’hange currently holds art classes at

          Claremont School of Art

              Atwell Arts Centre

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Great paintings are based on a strong foundation

a combination of Tones, Shapes and  Colours.

Ask yourself the following questions, and rate each answer out of ten:

Do I understand tonal value and how it applies to drawing or painting?

Can I accurately draw a person?

How fast can I see and mix a colour?

If any of your answers are below seven, then that is an area you know you can improve.

D’hange has created techniques that are simple and easy to understand.

Simple exercises to practise and step by step instructions to follow.

D’hange’s classes are great for the beginner who has never held a brush before,

as well as people who have painting experience but are still not happy with their results.  

D’hange will help you to understand the concepts of painting

and how to apply these techniques with confidence.

When students are focused, disciplined, practise and apply the techniques,

then success is guaranteed.