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the vegetarian experience

Welcome to the Yong Corporation web site. In the vision of a better world, we are a team dedicated to promoting healthy eating, through a vegetarian lifestyle. We pride ourselves in making vegetarian eating a Delicious, Creative, Joyous, Easy, and Natural way for all of us to contribute to the health, happiness and welfare of ourselves, other living entities and our planet.

You will find by browsing our website that vegetarianism is indeed the very opposite of boring, rather it is all about rich and unique tastes, textures, colours, flavours and spices - all providing nourishment and satisfaction to the senses and the body's needs to function with vitality, on a daily basis.

We are dedicated to helping seekers make the transition to becoming vegetarian easier, while eating the right foods and still being able to enjoy a tremendous variety of great tasting food.

We were once beginners at vegetarianism ourselves, but have now been for over 15 years. We therefore understand your needs as a vegetarian, the many questions you may have and we are delighted with every opportunity to share our years of experience.

Feel free to browse our web site and to drop us a line. We value all your comments. We hope you enjoy our company as much as we will enjoy yours!

We specialise in Pure 100% Vegetarian Products made from textured soya protein.
Our products are also Halal Certified and Vegan Friendly, containing no meat or eggs.

making it easy

Our popular restaurants, Sri Melaka Vegetarian Nyonya Restaurant and Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, and our retail shop the Vegetarian Market are all located adjacent to Russell Square in James street Northbridge, Perth's premier entertainment and restaurant district.

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