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braised char siew

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Vegetarian Tasty Roast Pork - Char Siew

(A) Ingredients for Braising the Char Siew
Four pcs Star anise
Two tbsp Sugar
Half tsp Pepper
Half tsp Salt
Two tbsp Soy Sauce
A quarter tsp Five Spice Powder
One tsp Black Soy Sauce
One pc Nam Yee (Fermented Bean Curd)
Three rice bowl Water

Four tbsp Oil
One tbsp Sugar
Two tbsp Malt
Two tbsp Soy Sauce
A quarter tsp Five Spice Powder
Two drops Orange-red colouring


Deep fry (or pan fry if you prefer) the gluten, set aside.
Heat 2 tbsp oil to fry Nam Yee and ingredients for braising char siew (A). Add in 3 bowls of water and the fried char siew to braise over low heat for one hour until the gravy thickens.
Heat a wok and add 4 tbsp oil. Add in braised char siew (from method 2) to fry together with ingredients (B) over low heat until fragrant. Cut into thins slices and serve.

Extra Information:
*Cut into small cubes and use as an ingredient for fried rice

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