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japanese sushi roll

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Two cups uncooked rice

Four Tbsp White Vinegar
Two Tbsp Sugar
Three Tbsp Sesame Seed
Half Tbsp Cooking Oil

Four Small Cucumber (cut into thin strips)
Two Avocado (cut into thin strips)
Substantial Veg. Ham (cut into thin strips)
Substantial Carrot (cut into thin strips)
Substantial Pickle radish (cut into thin strips)

Seaweed laver

Vegetarian meat frost
Egg less mayonnaise
Black Sesame seed


Wash rice, drained; add two & half cups of water, boil until cooked and leave to cool.
In a bowl, oil wash and transfer the cooked rice into bowl
Mix vinegar and sugar together, heat in a microwave oven for appr. 30 sec. Until sugar dissolved. Add into the cooked rice together with the sesame seeds and well mixed.
Light fry vegetarian ham and cut into strips.
Place a seaweed laver onto a Sushi bamboo roller, spread substantial amount of Sushi rice and flatten.
Place one strip each of the ingredients (C) above, swiss roll and cut into appr. 2cm thick and serve.

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