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beta-glucan health drink

Health Issue(s): Bladder & Kidney Infections, Candida, Rundown Feeling & Hormone Problems

Before taking Beta Glucan I had re-occurring bladder and kidney infections, candida and a general rundown feeling. Since taking BetaGlucan, I have cleared up all bladder, kidney, candida problems and my general health has improved including hormone problems. I would recommend this product.

Suzanne Poli
Bayswater, WA, Australia
11 January 2004

Health Issue(s): Migraines, Low Immune System, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (flashbacks, hypervigilance, panic attacks), Poor Digestive Function & Constipation

I had the following health problems prior to drinking Bunker Beta-Glucan: Migraines, Low immune system, Poor Traumatic Stress Disorder (flashbacks, hypervigilance, panic attacks), poor digestive function and constipation.

Since Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant has recommended me Bunker Beta-Glucan on the 5/1/04, I have been drinking 1 bottle/ day for 3 weeks, followed by half a bottle/day for 3 weeks. The results I experienced with Beta-Glucan are that my migraines were relieved and my anxiety levels dropped. The final result of drinking Bunker Beta-Glucan is that my body has returned to normal functioning.

I would recommend this product to those with low immune functioning, anxiety disorders and poor digestive functioning. It has been of great benefit.

Harriet Sawer
Hamilton Hill, WA, Australia
27 February 2004

Health Issue(s): Flu Virus, Pimples, Sinus, Chainsaw Wound

My son (19yrs) came down with a flu virus after spending some time away from home and not eating properly, drinking and staying out late etc. Previously these sort of infections could be expected to lay him out for a week. I gave him Beta-Glucan, half a bottle at a time over three days and he was fully recovered by the third day. He was surprised because he felt extremely ill at first. He also commented that several other minor irritations such as pimples and sinus had also cleared up.

An adult friend cut his leg with a chainsaw and was expected to be immobilised for at least 3 weeks. He took two bottles of beta-glucan, 1 at first and then a half bottle each day for two days. He was fully recovered after two weeks and the medical staff commented on the speed and quality of the healing. Chainsaw cuts are notoriously messy but it had healed cleanly and well. I would fully recommend this product to anyone with any sort of health issues.

Bart Hayes
Mt Helena, WA, Australia
5 March 2004

Health Issue(s): Knee Pain, Poor Blood Circulation & Shrinking of Fingernails

To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Y.C. Chan and have been suffering from knee pain which was probably caused by poor blood circulation of my body system. This also results in shrinking of my finger nails, meaning they look like corrugated zinc plate.

After I have been introduced to a drink known by the brand of BETA GLUCAN, I have taken a course of two bottles a day. I found after one month my knee pain has completely VANISHED and my finger nails' corrugation has also completely disappeared. Now my finger nails are nice and smooth and I have enjoyed an increased gain in good health. I would sincerely like to recommend this wonderful drink to who may be in a weak health.

Y.C. Chan
Narrogin, WA, Australia
5 February 2004

Health Issue(s): Radiotherapy treatment for tumour caused damage to internal organs and later poor bowel function and discomfort

I was treated for a tumour just over two years ago. The treatment included radiotherapy which caused damage to other internal organs adjacent to the tumour.

The most serious effect was to the bowel. Over an extended period the damage resulted in poor function and general discomfort.

Recently I came across Beta-Glucan Health Drink at a local food fair. While always a sceptic about the claims of manufacturers, I was prepared to give the drink a try. Within a few days the bloating began to ease and I felt my body were returning to some sort of normality.

I have now been drinking Beta-Glucan daily for more than two months and for the first time in two years I have been feeling hunger pangs and my general well being is much improved.

For me the experience has been very positive.

Geoff Perkins
Nedlands, WA, Australia
17 June 2004

Health Issue(s): Difficulty in Passing Urine, Swollen Leg, Kidney Infection & Cough

I am Peter living in Sorrento. I had a prostate operation 4 years ago due to difficulty in passing urine. After the operation I still had difficulty in passing urine. I also have swollen leg and kidney infection frequently. But after I have taken Beta Glucan drink for the past 45 days, 1 bottle a day, I notice most of my symptoms 85% have gone and my urination has returned to normal functioning. I use to cough a lot but now only occasionally. I will recommend anyone to take this remarkable drink. Drink's from heaven.

Peter Yang
Sorrento, WA, Australia
4 February 2004

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