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tom yam soup

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Ten Vegetarian Fishball (or if you prefer Vegetarian Seafood Balls, Scallop or Prawn)
Four Fragrant Fish Slices (sliced)
Five Vegetarian Roasted Chicken Chunks (or if you prefer Vegetarian Meat ball, Mutton Chunks or Ve-G-Rib Bones)
Thirty gram cauliflower (sectioned)
Five Abalone mushrooms (halved)
Two green chillies (shredded)

A third tsp galangal (chopped)
A third tsp asam paste
Two tbsp sugar
One tsp salt
Four stalks lemon grass (pound into shred)
Three tbsp Tom Yam sauce
Three quarter litre water


Boil the water until high heat, put in seasoning ingredients. Cook until high heat, add all other ingredients and bring to boil for a few minutes. Remove from heat and serve.

Extra Information:
*Can use this recipe also for Tom Yam Steamboat
*Pour over cooked noodles to make Tom Yam Noodle Soup
*Try your own selection of vegetables eg. tomatoes, cut baby corn, ladies fingers
*Try fresh beancurd, fried beancurd (Tau Fu Bok), or frozen seasoned beancurd (Pai-Yeh or Tau Pau)
*Try using coconut milk in replace of some or all of the water

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