A Work In Progress

We all know that red cars go faster and the cooler the name the faster it goes...

Hi, I'm Ross and I live in Perth, Western Australia with my wife Sandra, our two boys Nicholas and Lindsay and a black Standard Poodle named Cleo.

I have always wanted to build a car and at first considered a Lotus 7 replica, but after trying a few for size I decided it was going to be too small and Sandra would never want to ride in one. So I turned to my alternate choice….a Cobra.

Fortunately there are two suppliers of Cobras in Perth and the one that I chose is from the Replica Motor Company (RMC). RMC has been around for some time in WA, starting life in the country town of Kelleberrin as a sideline for an agricultural equipment maker. RMC cars have evolved a long way since then and are now based in Welshpool in suburban Perth. My car is Chassis # 392, so you can see that there are plenty of Cobra’s lurking around in WA.

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